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Off-Airport Parking at Glasgow Airport

Park your car outside of Glasgow Airport grounds to save some money without compromising on your vehicle's safety or your own convenience. Offering the perfect balance between value for money and distance from the Airport, you can have more on your pocket to spend on what really matters - your holiday.

What is Off-Site Parking?

Off-site parking is exactly that - you park your vehicle in a secured car park with one of our trusted parking operators, a few minutes away from the airport. Typically, these can be as close as 5 minutes away, but no more than 20 minutes away from the terminal, depending on the service you select. When you arrive, you'll either need to park your own car, or leave your car in a drop-off lane and hand in your keys, so a professional driver can park for you. Any car park that is located off site will offer a free shuttle transfer service, so there's no worries about how to get there. Simply head to the closest bus stop, hop onboard, and you'll be whisked away to the check-in desks in no time.

Top 3 Off-Site Car Parks at Glasgow Airport

Have a look below for our top off-site car parks, organised by price.

GLA Off-Airport Car Park Price per Day* Price per Week**
Parksafe £5.12 £40.99
Skyport £5.87 £40.99
Direct Parking £6.87 £54.99

Why Should I Book Off-Site Parking?

Off-site parking is the perfect way to kick-off your holiday without paying through the nose. Here are the main reasons why you should book off-site parking at Glasgow Airport.

  1. Save Money: Car parks that are located further from the airport tend to cost less. If you don't mind spending a few minutes on a transfer bus, it's an easy way to save the pennies for that extra cocktail on the beach!
  2. Straightforward and Simple: The process of parking and getting to the airport is simple and convenient, and well-worth the money you save. Park up and hop on the shuttle bus to the airport. The transfers run regularly and are included in the price. Depending on the service you pick, they can up to 15 minutes.
  3. Trusted Operators: We're not easy to impress. That means the operators you see for sale, are ones we have personally checked and approved. Rest assured that you're getting the best service possible, for the best price possible.
  4. Guaranteed Parking Spot: By booking your off-airport parking in advance, you guarantee yourself a spot on the day of your arrival. Often, airport car parks can fill up fast, and are usually very expensive. Booking your off-airport space ensures your visit is fuss-free and for as low a price as possible.

Hotels and Parking Packages

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We also offer fabulous hotel and parking packages, combining our best hotel rooms with our outstanding parking packages. With plenty of rooms combined with off-airport parking, why not avoid the mad rush up to the airport on the morning of your flight, and instead enjoy a great night's sleep close to the airport? Our deals are so good in fact, that hotel and parking package often doesn't work out much more than parking on its own! Head over to our Glasgow Airport hotels page for a good browse on everything we have on offer.

Glasgow Airport Hotels

How to Book

To book safely and securely with Holiday Extras, enter your dates into the search engine at the top of the page. You'll be shown all of the products we have available for your trip, so you simply need to select your favourite and check-out. To book a hotel & parking package, select the 'Hotel & Parking' tab at the top, and enter your dates into that search engine.

Glasgow Airport Parking

*Prices are based on one day's parking, correct at time of writing and subject to change.

**Prices are based on eight day's parking, correct at time of writing and subject to change.