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Getting Around Cala d'Or on a Budget

Cala d'Or is a great place to visit for its pretty cove beaches and crystal clear, calm waters. At Holiday Extras we provide airport transfersto enable you to get to where you want to go at affordable prices.

To avoid paying over the odds on your trip, have a read of our recommendations for Cala d'Or on a budget.

Visit in off-peak season

Cala d'Or is a popular holiday destination for families, and as a consequence the school holiday months of July and August see prices go up. However, with temperatures still averaging the mid twenties in the off-peak months of May and October, it's a great time to find some cheaper deals while still catching some warm Mediterranean rays.

Travel light

Many airlines have a strict limit on the weight of your luggage, charging significant fees if you go above it. Think carefully whether you're really going to need that extra layer of clothing if you're travelling at the height of summer. It's also much easier getting around with a manageably sized case.

Look for budget hotels or hostels

There are plenty of good deals to be found for accommodation in Cala d'Or if you shop around. Look for any perks such as included breakfasts or free Wi-Fi to save on unnecessary extra costs.

Find a local supermarket

Save money on meals by going to a supermarket and buying your own ingredients to make breakfasts or lunches that you can take with you to the beach. Also stock up on bottles of water to avoid the temptation to take overpriced ones from the mini bar.

Think carefully about where to eat out

It might be worth an extra 10-minute walk away from the touristy centre to find a restaurant with more affordable prices. Also consider having your main meal at lunch time, when there's lots of good value 'menu del dia' options that are cheaper than in the evening.

Get about on foot

The mini-train that runs through the village is fun, especially for children, but Cala d'Or is relatively small and easy to walk to around. A stroll from the Marina end down to Porto Petro takes a couple of hours and is a great way to soak up the local atmosphere.

Don't forget when booking your trip to also get your Cala d'Or airport transfers, which will take you to where you need to be for a great price.