Prestwick Airport Arrivals

Prestwick airport arrivals

You can leave Glasgow Prestwick airport in a variety of ways, because of the huge number of public transport links, and the special pick up point for drivers collecting arrivals. No one wants to end up stranded, or wasting time trying to choose which transport method to take, so use our helpful guide to plan the final stage of your journey in advance.

Driving to Prestwick airport

Prestwick airport is located close to Glasgow, and as it’s heavily signposted you shouldn’t have many problems driving to it. When you’ve got a tired passenger waiting at the airport for you it’s important to be on time though, so use this quick guide, or our more in-depth directions to Prestwick airport page, to plan your trip.

From Glasgow city centre, the airport is just a 32 mile drive away on the M77. Go west on the M8, south on the M77, and then use the A77, A78 and A79 roads to reach your destination.

Driving from Dumfries is also straightforward. Go north on the A76, then onto the A70 and A77 and A78. You can then reach the airport by driving south on the A79.

For a visual guide to your trip, see the map below:

Where to park

You’ll want to find a pickup point that’s conveniently close to the terminal when you arrive, so that your friend doesn’t have to heave their bags long distances. But it’s important to park or stop off in one of the designated areas, to avoid causing a security risk and being fined. The following options are perfect for quickly picking up arrivals:

  • Terminal Pickup – This area has been expanded to lessen congestion, and as it’s at the front of the terminal you can collect your passenger with the utmost convenience. It’s free for five minutes*, so ring ahead to make sure your passenger is waiting.
  • Terminal Short Stay – Parking is free for five minutes at this terminal*, after which you’ll pay a reasonable fee. The terminal is a two minute walk, so it’s a good idea for your passenger to carry their bags to the short stay area as you arrive.

*Prices shown correct as of August 28, 2013.

If you are not being picked up from Prestwick airport

Prestwick is the only airport in Scotland to have its own railway station, so there’s no need to worry if you’re not being collected. Bus and coach services and taxis are also available, if you’d rather not take the train.

Choose from the following public transport options:

  • Train. The railway station is a short walk from the terminal under a covered walkway. Three trains run every hour to Glasgow (two per hour on Sundays) and take around 50 minutes. If you have flight documentation and ID you could benefit from discounted travel.
  • Bus and coach. Stagecoach Western X77 Express Service drives from the airport to Glasgow Buchanan Street station regularly, and takes 50 minutes. The X99 and X100 service is also available to early morning and late evening travellers.
  • Taxi. All taxis outside the terminal building are licensed, and you can choose a car for up to seven passengers. Long distance trips are possible, and you can book in advance to save time.

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