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The Smallest Family Member

The Airbus 318-100 is the smallest member of the A320 family, offering commercial flights in a compact and effective design. The purpose of the aircraft is to serve markets with frequent services on low-density routes and the Airbus 318-100 accommodates 107 passengers through a typical two-class structure. The Airbus 318-100 benefits from the latest aviation innovations, such as improved wing designs and applications of advanced materials - providing efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

The state-of-the-art cockpit avionics within the Airbus 318-100 are shared across the entire A320 family, allowing for pilots to fly any airliner in the family. The Airbus 318-100 is the only large commercial aircraft which has been certified for doing steep approach landings, making it ideal for operations at constrained locations such as inner city airports - highly beneficial for passengers on business trips.


The Airbus A318-100 benefits from a wide cabin, ensuring for a high level of comfort and large overhead bins for carry-on luggage. The aircraft cabin cross-section also provides unrivalled flexibility and unlike certain competitors, Airbus A318-100 has large passenger and service doors at both the front and rear of the aircraft, which allows galley servicing and cabin cleaning to take place simultaneously. The seat layout ranges from five and six-abreast economy class seating arrangements, to five-abreast business and four-abreast first class seating.


This enables A318 pilots to fly any other A320 Family jetliner with a single type rating, allowing airlines to schedule the aircraft best matched to passenger bookings on a per-flight basis
  • Holds 132 passengers and has a maximum range of 5,700km
  • Airbus A318-100 is the largest commercial aircraft capable of steep approach landings
  • Advanced cockpit avionics
  • Pilots can fly the A318-100 if they pilot any other of the A320 family
  • Galley servicing and cabin cleaning can take place simultaneously
  • In-flight entertainment