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Dust off the passports, it's time for a well-deserved holiday. In the lead up to departure, packing can become frantic and the to-do list just seems to keep growing. With this in mind, we've built our own flight tracker.


Keep informed with the live status of your flight - including cancellations and delays - by entering your flight details into the search tool below.

July 2020
July 2020
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40 Virgin Atlantic flights departing on 13/07/20.

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Flight Departure
VS6682 13/07/20 11:30
VS6947 13/07/20 06:00
VS6683 13/07/20 06:10
VS7018 13/07/20 11:30
VS6685 13/07/20 11:10
VS6686 13/07/20 18:50
VS6684 13/07/20 13:55
VS7044 13/07/20 10:25
VS5571 13/07/20 10:55
VS6263 13/07/20 17:05
VS6261 13/07/20 08:55
VS6265 13/07/20 14:05
VS6262 13/07/20 06:00
VS7025 13/07/20 06:00
VS6710 13/07/20 06:00
VS6708 13/07/20 17:00
VS7031 13/07/20 06:05
VS7972 13/07/20 11:25
VS4045 13/07/20 12:50
VS6712 13/07/20 19:45
VS6713 13/07/20 17:35
VS6917 13/07/20 11:40
VS6715 13/07/20 11:50
VS6717 13/07/20 15:50
VS6716 13/07/20 09:00
VS6920 13/07/20 15:50
VS6711 13/07/20 06:20
VS6916 13/07/20 09:55
VS7038 13/07/20 06:00
VS6903 13/07/20 10:50
VS6910 13/07/20 10:50
VS6925 13/07/20 06:00
VS6718 13/07/20 14:30
VS6927 13/07/20 11:10
VS6719 13/07/20 19:35
VS6720 13/07/20 09:35
VS6721 13/07/20 11:25
VS6934 13/07/20 10:35
VS6722 13/07/20 16:30
VS6723 13/07/20 06:20
Baggage Allowance

Live Virgin flight status

Keep informed with the live status of your flight - including cancellations and delays - by entering your flight details into the search tool above.

It's a nifty tool that we're pretty chuffed with. Not only does it provide a holiday countdown to the very last second before your plane leaves the runway, it also includes all of your necessary holiday essentials:

  • Travel checklist
  • Travel insurance policy
  • Fairfx/Currency cards
  • Weather report
  • Airport parking
  • Airport hotels

PLUS much much more...

Virgin Atlantic Airways

Richard Branson made the somewhat illogical progression from Records to Airlines in 1984 with the birth of Virgin Atlantic Airways. 6 years on and VAA had already flown over a million passengers to destinations across the globe. Passenger service, innovation and expansion have been top of the agenda since inception and today Virgin Atlantic is one of the UK's leading airlines, consistently winning top travel industry awards and flying over 5 million passengers every year with an annual turnover of around £2,700bn.

If you're flying with Virgin, you can expect to be seated on board a Boeing wide-bodied jet or an Airbus. Flights operate from Gatwick and Heathrow airports to North America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Whatever cabin class you have chosen, you will have a personal television on the back of the seat in front. Most Virgin Atlantic aircraft have an Audio and Video-on-Demand system and some of the newer aircraft have a touchscreen equivalent.

Innovations - The first airline to...

  • offer individual TV's for business class passengers (1989)
  • provide child safety seats
  • offer a super-economy service (1992)
  • introduce a folding flat bed and wider seat with the Upper Class Suite (2003)
  • have no-smoking flights
  • have drive-thru check-in
  • allow mobile connectivity and SMS texting on-board
  • to fly one of its planes with bio-fuels

Cabin Classes

The standard class for passengers, Cabin class still provides free meals, drinks and headsets and laptop power port.

Premium Economy
This class features a wider seat and more leg room. Passengers are also offered a pre-flight drink and newspaper.

Upper Class
Upper Class provides passengers with drive-thru check-in and private security channel at some ports. Onboard, you have a flip seat which converts into a full-length flat bed and power leads for iPods. There is a larger menu and a bar. Seats are also in the Herringbone seating arrangement, allowing all passengers access to an aisle and with better privacy.

Baggage allowance

Hand Luggage Size: 23 x 36 x 56 cm (approx. 9 x 14 x 22 inches)

Hand Luggage Max Weight: 10kg

Luggage Size: Up to 90 x 75 x 43cm / 35.5 x 29.5 x 16ins

Luggage Max Weight: 23kg

Thomas Cook also provides full assistance and support for disabled passengers, expectant mothers, and anyone carrying medical or charity baggage.

Buy before you fly

Booking in advance can save you pounds