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Czech Republic Travel Guide
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Czech Republic Travel Guide

Right in the geographical heart of Europe, Czech Republic is a romantic mix of jaw-dropping scenery and iconic, medieval cities.

What you'll find in this guide:

Top things to do in Czech Republic

Practical Information

Facts about Czech republic

Getting around Czech republic

Top things to do in Czech Republic

  • Best of Prague by foot and bus

    Best of Prague by foot and bus

    Learn the history of Prague and its most famous monuments on a combined half-day bus, boat and walking tour.

  • Panoramic Vltava river cruise in Prague

    Panoramic Vltava river cruise in Prague

    Enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the city and see the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle from the water on this one-hour cruise.

  • Prague Castle in detail walking tour

    Prague Castle in detail walking tour

    Your guided walking tour of the castle's awe-inspiring interior confirms the mighty compound's reputation as the jewel in Prague's crown.

  • Karlovy Vary tour from Prague

    Karlovy Vary tour from Prague

    Karlovy Vary became famous thanks to the local manufacturing of world renowned Moser crystal, Carlsbad porcelain or the herb liqueur Becherovka.

What time zone is Czech Republic in?

GMT +1

What currency do they use in Czech Republic?

Euro EUR

What language do they speak in Czech Republic?


What power adaptors do you need for Czech Republic?

Type C and E

What is the average flight time to Czech Republic?

1hr 55

Some facts about Czech Republic

Pretty much as close to the centre of Europe as you can get, Czech Republic is a quirky blend of fairy-tale whimsy and real Bohemian charm. The country is completely landlocked and boasts the highest beer consumption per capita in the world – about 184 litres per person guzzled down every year, or a bath-tub full.

While there's thousands of years' worth of history to catch up on, if we're getting technical the Czech Republic has only been around since 1993, after Czechoslovakia peacefully decided to split into two during the Velvet Revolution.

The Gothic capital, Prague, is divided by the Vltava river which is in turn crossed by the medieval Charles Bridge. Overlooking all this is the jaw-dropping Prague Castle, which is one of the largest in the world and has been the seat of power for more than 1,000 years. It's been occupied throughout history by the rulers of Bohemia up to today and the current president.

Practical Info

Culture and etiquette


The most popular religion is Christianity, with a Jewish community mostly in Prague. The majority of the population, about 70%, aren't religious at all.


Do you need tip in Czech Republic? A 10% tip is usually expected, but check that a service charge hasn't already been added to the bill.


Smoking is banned in enclosed public spaces including restaurants, bars and public transport.

Jabs, visas and other advice

For up-to-date advice on jabs, visas and other foreign advice, we recommend following the government's website.

Emergency numbers


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    Czech Republic Airport Transfers

    Book your Czech Republic Airport transfers, with prices starting from just £3.72.

  • Czech Republic Car Hire

    Czech Republic Car Hire

    Book your Czech Republic car hire, with prices starting from just £8.25 per day with free cancellations.

  • Czech Republic Car Hire

    Czech Republic Ultimate Experiences

    Make the most of your trip and book the top Czech Republic experiences for you and your family before you go.

  • Czech Republic Travel Insurance

    Travel Insurance for Czech Republic

    You'll want a reliable travel insurance policy for your trip to Czech Republic.

Getting around Czech Republic

Navigating the Czech Republic is a breeze, thanks to a well-connected public transportation system. Prague, the country's bustling capital, is a hub for trams, buses, and the metro, making it easy to hop from one corner to the next.

The road network is well-maintained, and signs are clear, making it easy to uncover the scenic beauty of the Czech countryside. Additionally, cyclists will find a network of bike paths that crisscross the country, offering an eco-friendly alternative to discover charming landscapes and hidden gems.

The Good Trip Index

Czech Republic ranks 19th on the Good Trip Index

This score is calculated based on Sustainability, Human Rights, Women's Rights, Press Freedom, Quality of Life, LGBTQI+ Rights and Animal welfare

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