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Cardiff Airport Parking FAQs

We've been in the airport parking game since 1988, so you can bet we've heard pretty much every question out there. To help you out, take a peek at our Cardiff airport parking FAQs to get all the info you need to make your airport parking a breeze.

Why should I book my Cardiff airport parking in advance?

Not only is it one less thing to think about on the day, you'll also save a great deal of money. Many people assume that they'll pay the same amount at the gate as they would in advance – but this is an expensive assumption! Pre-book and you can save nearly 50 per cent. For example, at Cardiff airport you may have to pay as much as £7.75 a day at the gate, but book in advance with® and it’ll only cost you £3.99 a day.

Can I cancel my Cardiff airport parking booking?

When you book you’ll be offered a ‘cancellation protection’ option which will enable you to cancel up until a day before and still receive a full refund. We’d highly recommend this as it only costs 99p and gives you the flexibility just in case your holiday plans change.

How many car parks do you offer at Cardiff airport?

We offer 8 services in total, including park and ride, onsite parking and meet and greet services. We also have services for larger vehicles and electric cars:

What’s the difference between on and off-airport parking?

On-airport car parks are within the airport boundary while off-airport parking is outside the perimeter. This doesn’t necessarily make it really far away though. In fact, the off-airport car park, Offsite Park and Ride, is only 10 minutes away. Off-airport parking is often slightly cheaper as they involve a transfer.

What does secured parking mean?

This means your car will be in a safe place, protected by measures such as CCTV, floodlighting, regular patrols and barriers. Airparks has even been awarded a ParkMark®, a national security award which guarantees that the compound is frequently checked by the police.

What does Meet and Greet mean?

This service is offered by the airport's Official Meet and Greet service. You simply pull up to the airport terminal where you will be met by a professional driver who will park your car for you, and return it to the same place upon your return. It is a customer favourite and it's easy to see why. Simple procedures and suitable for everybody, especially those with lots of luggage, excited children or elderly passengers. It's ideal for thos travelling with disabled passengers too as it's just 2 minutes to the check-in desks with no transfer buses needed.