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Cardiff Airport Park and Ride

If you're looking to economise but don't want to compromise on quality, the Park and Ride at Cardiff airport is exactly what you need. Pre-book with® and pay as little as £72.95 a day for parking in a secured environment.

The Cardiff airport park and ride service is offered by Airparks Cardiff car park which is off-airport, located just outside the airport boundary. But don't imagine you'll be miles away – in fact, the bus transfer takes all of three minutes. Not only that, the Airparks staff will park your car for you. Do make sure to leave extra time for your journey as the bus comes once every 30 minutes.

If it's off-airport, what's security like?

You can also have complete peace of mind while away knowing that your car is as safe as it could be. The car park is so well protected it has received a Park Mark®, a national security award meaning it is regularly police checked. You’ll be comforted to find CCTV in place, as well as barriers, regular patrols and floodlighting.

Great reasons to try Cardiff airport Park and Ride…

  • • No need to try and find a space - your car is parked for you!
  • • Only a three minute bus transfer
  • • Cheap parking at only £72.95 per day or £72.95 for 8 days
  • • No overstay charge if you’re delayed getting home
  • • Help with jump starts and tyre inflation
  • • Park Mark guarantee that your car is in safe hands
  • • All transfer buses have disabled access and help buttons

If you'd rather be walking distance from check-in, why not check out the other Cardiff airport parking as there's bound to be an option tailor-made for your requirements.