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Cala d'Or Weather

A big part of deciding where to go on holiday relies on what the weather is like at any given time of year. In Cala d'Or, the climate is generally mild throughout the year, with winter getting a bit chillier than other months. Read on to learn more about Cala d'Or weather and see how you can maximise your activities while you're visiting. No matter the time of year you arrive, our airport transfers will pick you up off your flight to take you to your Spanish location of choice.


During spring, temperatures are mild and sunny, with averages in mid-spring of about 14?-17?C and mid-afternoon highs of 19?-23?C. The area is prone to showers in spring, but they're normally very short lived. Spring in Cala d'Or is best suited for exploring the local landscape and hiking – try Mondragó Natural Park to get you started.


During summer in Cala d'Or, you can make the most of the Mediterranean climate, as temperatures tend to shoot up to average highs of 30?C during July and August. There's about 11 hours of sunshine each day, so now's the time to head to the beach for sunbathing and to top up your tan (don't forget sun cream!) The sea is also fairly warm, averaging between 21?C and 25?C.


Similar to spring, autumn in Cala d'Or is sunny and quite mild, hovering between roughly 14?C and 19?C. At night, it does get a bit colder and can reach lows of 8?C. Autumn is Cala d'Or's rainiest season, so don't forget to pack an umbrella. It's a great time of year to explore the art galleries and museums in the area, in case of sudden showers.


While not exactly cold, daytime temperatures in winter usually average around 16?C, but night time is significantly chillier with lows of 4?C. To enjoy Cala d'Or during winter, bring layers and sturdy shoes if you want to be out and about. We recommend a culinary holiday, so you can stay warmed up by hearty Mediterranean cuisine.

Rain or shine, we'll be there to take you to your accommodation with our Cala d'Or airport transfers. Choose from a shared shuttle bus or private car for a safe and reliable way to travel.