Belfast Airport Departures

If you’re looking for information about Belfast airport before you fly, you’ve come to the right place. You can check the status of your flight here – the table below has live status updates for all flights leaving Belfast airport today, or you can enter a flight number and date into the boxes on the right.


We can even show you the whereabouts of your plane on a map. Plus we’ve got information about the aircraft and the airline, the weather – present and forecast – at your destination and recommendations for places to visit.

October 2021
October 2021
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31 flights departing Belfast Airport on 27/10/21.

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Flight Departure
U2188 27/10/21 20:00
U2195 27/10/21 08:45
U2535 27/10/21 12:15
U2260 27/10/21 16:15
U2461 27/10/21 07:45
U26793 27/10/21 08:45
U2556 27/10/21 07:55
U2138 27/10/21 21:45
U2602 27/10/21 08:20
U2487 27/10/21 17:45
U2450 27/10/21 21:25
U26763 27/10/21 08:00
U2481 27/10/21 08:25
U2608 27/10/21 17:10
U2182 27/10/21 13:45
U2610 27/10/21 17:10
U26691 27/10/21 17:15
U2133 27/10/21 08:15
U2197 27/10/21 20:10
U2128 27/10/21 19:25
U2469 27/10/21 17:50
U2256 27/10/21 11:10
U2289 27/10/21 15:00
U2281 27/10/21 18:30
U2838 27/10/21 18:35
U2840 27/10/21 19:55
U2836 27/10/21 16:25
U2830 27/10/21 07:00
U2444 27/10/21 08:40
U2493 27/10/21 11:25
U2563 27/10/21 11:10
Baggage Allowance


Your airline will be able to tell you how far in advance of your flight you need to check in. Generally, we’d advise arriving at the airport with a good couple of hours to spare. Some airlines allow online check-in, which saves you time as all you need to do is drop your hold baggage at the bag drop when you get to the airport, before heading straight to security.

Baggage allowance

Different airlines have different luggage allowances – check with for specific details, both in terms of weight for hold baggage, and size and number of bags for hand baggage. The maximum size for any piece of hand luggage is 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, but it’s not unheard of for individual airlines to operate more stringent restrictions.

With all airlines, liquids, pastes and gels must be packed in your hold luggage, unless they’re in containers of 100ml or less, in which case they can go in your hand luggage. They’ll need to be taken out of your hand luggage and put in a clear, resealable 20cm x 20cm plastic bag to go through security. Baby milk, baby food and liquid medicine you need for the trip are exempt from this rule, however.

For more details, visit our Belfast airport baggage and security page.

Book Belfast airport parking and hotels

Don’t do that thing where you just turn up at the airport and pay for your parking on the day – you’ll always save money if you book in advance through us, and the earlier you book the more you’ll save. Take a look at our Belfast airport parking page for some great deals. For even better value, combine your parking with one of our Belfast airport hotels, so you can start your holiday feeling calm and relaxed instead of worrying about traffic or other unexpected delays.

Dropping off passengers

The most convenient place to drop off passengers is in the drop-off zone right next to the terminal - it costs £1 and you can stay there for 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can park in the Long-Stay car park for 15 minutes for free – it’s five minutes’ walk from the terminal, or there’s a free bus. If you need to stay longer than 15 minutes, up to an hour’s parking costs £3.50. You can also drop off in either the Short-Stay car park (£1 for 15 minutes, £2 for 30 minutes, £3.50 for an hour) or the Main Stay car park (£1.50 for 30 minutes, £3 for an hour), both of which are within two to three minutes’ walk of the terminal. (Prices correct on August 25, 2013.)

Buy before you fly

Booking in advance can save you pounds