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Alicante Weather

Alicante is a great destination whether you're looking to spend a week relaxing and tanning or escaping Britain's winter for some milder temperatures. There are tons of things to see and do all year round, so beaches, museums, festivals and a fantastic dining scene await you whenever you arrive. Come rain or shine, our airport transfers will pick you up and drop you off, leaving you free to concentrate on where to explore first. Here's what you need to know about Alicante weather.

We're all going on a summer holiday

An Alicante summer holiday guarantees one thing: sun, sun, sun. Temperatures can soar from June until mid-September, reaching glorious average highs of 31°C in August, but normally hovering around the mid-late 20s. You can take advantage of this at one of Alicante's many beaches. There's popular San Juan for activities and bars, or lesser-known stretches such as the rugged Cabo de la Huerta coves.

While you're sure to be excited to catch a bit of sun, it's also important to be sensible. Sure, pack your short shorts and crop tops, but don't forget some head protection – we think oversized sun hats are here to stay – and some layers to keep your skin safe when the sun's at its most dazzling – around lunchtime, as well as some high SPF sun lotion.

Walking in a winter wonderland

Okay, so it's not quite a 'winter wonderland', but a winter holiday in Alicante is significantly less sunny than in the middle of summer. October is the wettest month and January is the coolest – with temperatures averaging about 12°C. You'll need to pack accordingly: bring layers, a lightweight scarf, spring jacket and hardier shoes like ankle boots or high-top trainers.

While you might not be sunbathing, there are still loads of indoor activities in Alicante. It's a fantastically cultural place, with galleries and museums galore. Check out the Contemporary Art Museum for modern art by the likes of Picasso and Dalí or the Alicante City Museum to learn more about the town's history. On warmer days, you can also explore the Lucentum Archaeological Site. Three miles out of town, it's the major remains of the Roman city of Lucentum, or ancient Alicante.

No matter if it's blazing sunshine or cooler temperatures you're looking for, we know one thing: our Alicante Airport transfers will be there to provide you with a fuss-free journey from airport to town and back.