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Reviews for Long Stay T2

  • Average customer rating: 9 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 2105

The directions given by holiday extra for change of parking T2 were incorrect due to roadworks - we therefore experienced a long delay at checkin resulting in arriving st the loung at 8pm to be told that it was closed - although they allowed a business class behind us. Always used yourselves disappointed with response

1 out of 10Long Stay T2

Easy to park. Shuttle buses were regular. No issues at all

8 out of 10Long Stay T2

I booked parking at T2 Manchester, the price was good . We found a space quickly and the bus turned up quickly

9 out of 10Long Stay T2

The car park was an absolute mess. Did not seem very secure. Positive was transfers seem to run smoothly

8 out of 10Long Stay T2

Booked the long stay car park Terminal 2. They are extending parr’s of the airort so rr car park is having work done. They had temp traffic lights and the road marking and surface were all over the place. Not the fault of holiday extras, but it would have been nice to know in advance.

9 out of 10Long Stay T2

Our short break went smoothly

8 out of 10Long Stay T2

Very good service. Short wait for bus both to and from the airport. Friendly and patient driver.Tui

10 out of 10Long Stay T2

We had a little difficulty entering the T2 Long Stay car park due, I'm assuming, to a faulty licence plate recognition camera. We tried several times to enter and finally had to reverse and change lanes to the RH side one where the barrier raised immediately. I noticed on our return from holiday that the T2 Long Stay shuttle bus had exactly the same problem at the same camera and also had to change lanes. Otherwise, all was fine.

7 out of 10Long Stay T2

Finding the car park was fine and we got the bus ok it was coming back was a little confusing and I had to ask another driver to get in contact with the bus we needed which he did and then it came which was really quickly and then it was fine

8 out of 10Long Stay T2

We booked for a drop off on Christmas Day and then collect on New Year's Day. I was nervous thinking that if something happened we would get no help, but all worked out just fine and the shuttle bus was on time and efficient for both journeys.

9 out of 10Long Stay T2