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Reviews for JetParks Ringway

  • Average customer rating: 8 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 1686

All good, except that the shuttle bus did not have much space for cases compered to other shuttle buses we have used at the airport. Perhaps it was a temperary situation but it was both in and out.

9 out of 10JetParks Ringway

Need a more regular shuttle service on returning from holiday

7 out of 10JetParks Ringway

As always everything went well. No problem

10 out of 10JetParks Ringway

Great shuttle service on bus when we arrived back a very nice lady driver . I had unfortunately hurt myself on holiday and she offered to help me with my suitcases . Thank you

10 out of 10JetParks Ringway

Very difficult to find parking space, some cars parked on road through car park. Bus that picked us up was ‘ordinary bus’ so no spaces for luggage hence very difficult to get off at terminal as people standing on bus with luggage and couldn’t get past them to get off. SAFETY HAZARD IF THERE HAD BEEN AN INCIDENT ON BUS OR ACCIDENT. Had to wait 35mims to be picked up on arriving home despite being told buses ran every 15mins.

4 out of 10JetParks Ringway

Very informative up to the day of parking , will definitely use again.

8 out of 10JetParks Ringway

Very good service very smooth

10 out of 10JetParks Ringway

The location of the car park is perfect.

8 out of 10JetParks Ringway

No problem going - found a parking space quite easily and did not have too long to wait for a bus. Coming back, however, had quite a long wait for a bus to return to the car park whilst at least 6-8 buses came for the other car parks.

8 out of 10JetParks Ringway

Everything went smoothly, we have been using Holiday extras for years, and in all that time we have only experienced one small issue, which was in May this year. We did consider using another company after this issue, but we are so glad we didn't. Just arrived back in Sept. & everything was just as it has been in the past. Considering the number of times we have used Holiday extras 1 hiccup is a tremendous achievement.

9 out of 10JetParks Ringway