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Reviews for Park Smart

  • Average customer rating: 9 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 5859

The path from the car park to the terminal could do with upgrading. Uneven and not an easy walk pulling cases along.

7 out of 10Park Smart

Easy to get to and from airport, plenty spaces to find

10 out of 10Park Smart

Easy to book, easy to use, no problems at all.

10 out of 10Park Smart

The barrier wouldn't open on parking at park smart or exiting , had to buzz through . Booked last March at long stay , same problem, spent 10min at barrier on exit speaking to attendant trying to sort out . Booked again for 3 weeks time , if same problem , won't be using you again . Never had problems previous to this year .

6 out of 10Park Smart

Easy parking at john lennon Very reasonable

10 out of 10Park Smart

Easy booking system No issues with parking

10 out of 10Park Smart

Quick and easy to find, had to change my booking and customer services were really friendly and helpful!

10 out of 10Park Smart

Used service many times and very happy with everything

10 out of 10Park Smart

Everything went extremely smoothly. A stress free start and end to my trip.

10 out of 10Park Smart

Information provided re location and entering car park was very helpful. Location is Excellent! Not so good - My return flight was over an hour late and I had to pay £15 surcharge. I was aware this could happen, although not the amount. No info was provided on how to pay and it was by chance that I saw a very small 'help' button, as it was after 1am. I was told to go to pay machine at far end of car park. Luckily there was no-one behind me at the barrier, so I was able to reverse, and I paid as requested. I am aware I could have taken out insurance to cover this but I did not. However, it would help to have this info on the advance paperwork, emphasising what to do. It might also encourage others to take out insurance. Also, does the penalty take effect immediately the return time given is exceeded?

8 out of 10Park Smart