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Reviews for MBW Meet and Greet T2

  • Average customer rating: 8 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 57

The instructions were very clear so it was a smooth process to drop the car off and collect it upon my return. The only disappointing point was that I had 2 one pound coins in the centre pocket of the front seats for shopping trolleys and I only realised when I went straight to the supermarket that they have been taken. This is a shame because otherwise the service was faultless.

8 out of 10MBW Meet and Greet T2

We used MBW Meet and Greet at Heathrow Airport. The whole experience was perfect - easy to find at Terminal 2, quick to drop off car, friendly assistants, car waiting for us when we returned. Very happy so would use again.

10 out of 10MBW Meet and Greet T2

Reasonably quick process arriving and departing. Still haven't received my receipt for the extra charges though.

7 out of 10MBW Meet and Greet T2

MBW staff were efficient on arrival, and the car was returned for collection by us promptly. All you could ask for.

10 out of 10MBW Meet and Greet T2

Signposting to car park and directions very poor. Last min changes at Heathrow with terminal swaps by airlines not accommodated Online system did not work changes not possible. Requiring multiple phone calls and e mails from Morocco. Return management process rubbish taking two hours to get car back. And unless you managed the process for them you could easily be forgotten

2 out of 10MBW Meet and Greet T2

Great service, albeit I waited around 20 minutes for the return of my car at the end of my trip. My only other comment is that my drivers seat had been adjusted and I had set this just right. A couple of small issues on what was a great service.

9 out of 10MBW Meet and Greet T2

The drop off was fine and ran smoothly. But when I arrived back in the country, on time, I called to let them know that my bags had been collected as requested. I was then left to stand for 40mins for my car to turn up. This is unacceptable. I paid a premium for this service, but i would have been better off parking the car myself. The excuse I was given was there was a lot of traffic. I thought the point of giving the flight details was so the car would be collected and waiting for me when I arrived. Shocking service.

2 out of 10MBW Meet and Greet T2

I had money stolen from my car when I booked MBW parking via your website. I contacted you about it and you didn’t care. Disgusting

1 out of 10MBW Meet and Greet T2

We called on route to inform the agent we were 30 minutes away, we then got to the car park and had to wait for quite some time for the parking agent to arrive, by this time a queue had began to form, perhaps this needs to be looked at.

5 out of 10MBW Meet and Greet T2

MBW MEET AND GREET Terminal 2 LHR did not meet and did not greet. Total panic as we were going to miss the flight. Unable to get through to MBW on the contact line for 30 plus minutes . They do NOT have people at their desk in the meeting point as other companies do . NOT TO BE USED

1 out of 10MBW Meet and Greet T2