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Reviews for Maple Parking Meet and Greet T4

  • Average customer rating: 7 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 46

Our car was spotless inside one we left it. When we picked it up it had obviously been used as a taxi because there were muddy footprints in the back and on the door sills were people had climbed into the back, and both front passenger carpets were covered in mud....we'll not use Maple again as the cost to clean the car will be more cover a more expensive deal. worth paying more

6 von 10Maple Parking Meet and Greet

There is no signage within the car park indicating that you are in the correct place for purple parking nor are there any staff visible in the parking area. Due to these issues (and even though I was actually in the correct place unbeknown to me) I ended up driving on and having to exit/re-enter car park and driving around all over again. All this at 5am!!

5 von 10Maple Parking Meet and Greet

We booked Purple parking (maple manor) for meet and greet at Heathrow.ok when we arrived but our return date was a day earlier than we booked on their records.They amended their records.On return journey we were told our car was on its way ,but going to a Heathrow hotel and not the short stay car park !! It was corrected and arrive 5 minutes later.So not a disaster but not exactly what we might have expected.will use you again as service previously very good.

5 von 10Maple Parking Meet and Greet

All very good and all services as described.

10 von 10Maple Parking Meet and Greet

Quick and easy to find. Returned just as we got back. I would use again. Andy Newman

10 von 10Maple Parking Meet and Greet

Yes went smoothly car was there to go handed ticket got keys so easy and convenient

10 von 10Maple Parking Meet and Greet

All went smoothly - car hand-over good - both ends of the holiday - although there was not a problem for us, you could do with a form/checklist for the condition of the car on hand-over, again for both ends of the holiday, just to establish any damage going in and also upon return - to safeguard both parties.

10 von 10Maple Parking Meet and Greet

Bang on my flight was 24hr late and car was bang on time will use again

1 von 10Maple Parking Meet and Greet

Excellent service. Car waiting for us on return

10 von 10Maple Parking Meet and Greet

A bit hectic in the carpark. Not too clear where to go. Will know next time.

8 von 10Maple Parking Meet and Greet