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Cardiff Airport Disabled Parking® aims to make Cardiff airport disabled parking as hassle-free as possible. All the car parks and the transfer buses are equipped appropriately for disabled access so there should be no unnecessary inconvenience or delay. Take a look at all our Cardiff airport parking options to see which one is most suited to your needs.

Disabled access within the car parks

All the car parks, Cardiff on-airport car park, Cardiff Short Stay and Cardiff Airparks, have bays for Blue Badge holders. If there is a bus transfer involved, the bays are also very near to the bus stops which are all fitted with help buttons. The car parks provide a secured environment for your vehicle and are protected by CCTV, barriers, floodlighting and regular patrols.

Disabled access on the bus transfers

The two car parks with a transfer service, Cardiff on-airport car park and Cardiff Airparks, are entirely accessible for our disabled customers. The Cardiff Airparks buses have disabled access, sufficient space and help buttons. The Cardiff on-airport transfer buses are similarly well equipped, although in addition they have low curbs to help with getting on and off, and anchors to keep wheelchairs stable during the journey.

Disabled access at a glance

  • Special bays for Blue Badge holders
  • Help buttons at bus stops
  • Low curbs for easy access on board buses
  • Buses fitted with anchors for wheelchair stability

The Return and Greet option

The Cardiff Airparks Return and Greet service can be a welcome alternative for disabled parking at Cardiff airport. You will need to catch the bus transfer for your outward journey, but when you come back you’ll be met by a pleasant surprise: a qualified, fully insured driver will bring your car directly to you outside the airport.