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Enjoy the peace and quiet of the No1 Lounge, from just £84.00

The No1 Lounge at Birmingham Airport is a great way to pass your time waiting for your flight. We all know we have to be at the airport hours before our flight, but that doesn't mean it has to be an uncomfortable wait! Get an airport lounge pass and enjoy free WiFi, free food and free drinks and snacks while you wait to board your flight.

Reasons to book the No1 Lounge

🌐 Free WiFi 🥐 Free Snacks
🪑 Comfy chairs ☕ Free Drinks
📺 TVs 🍻 Newspapers and magazines

Opening Times

05:00 - 21:00

Age restrictions:

There are no age restrictions at the No1 Lounge but please be aware that any child over the age of 12 is considered an adult for the purposes of buying a lounge pass.

Dress code

Smart, casual
Offensive slogans, sports shirts, beach flip flops, exposed midriffs or upper thighs, tracksuits, fancy dress or bare shoulders on men.

Please treat all guests and staff with respect, the staff at the No1 Lounge have the right to refuse service and entry.

Food & Drink

The lounge is renowned for its food offering - with a substantial menu of freshly prepared hot and cold food, plus a range of snacks including pastries, home-made cakes and bar snacks. Extra dishes can be ordered for £4 a dish.

In addition to the food, all drinks are also complementary. Served at a fully tended island bar, the offering includes: sparkling wines, craft beers and premium spirits. Also available are soft drinks, teas and coffees and fresh juices. Champagne is available, at an additional cost of £6 per glass.

While No1 does not have a set drinks limit, they do have a duty of care to ensure guests are 'fit to fly'. As such, they will monitor the consumption of alcohol and may restrict the service accordingly.


The lounge has flatscreen TVs, free wifi, and free newspapers and magazines. No1 Lounge has been named a "CoolBrand" in a poll of 3,000 customers and a panel of 37 designers, style experts and celebrities.

Business Facilities

The lounge has unlimited free wifi to help you get on top of any last minute work.

Disabled Access

The lounge can accommodate disabled passengers and has disabled toilets.


The lounge is located beyond security. Once you have passed through World Duty Free and into the main departure lounge, the entrance to the lounge is directly ahead, between WHSmith and Next.

Birmingham No1 Lounge FAQs

What is the No1 lounge at Birmingham Airport?

The No1 Lounge at Birmingham Airport is a relaxed lounge area where you can spend up to 3 hours before your flight enjoying free WiFi, comfy chairs, drinks and snacks and avoiding the hustle and bustle of the departures area.

What do you get in No1 Lounge?

In the No1 Lounge you'll find:

🌐 Free WiFi 🥐 Free Snacks
🪑 Comfy chairs ☕ Free Drinks
📺 TVs 🍻 Newspapers and magazines

Is everything free in lounge?

There are a few 'premium' drinks such as champagne that will incur an additional charge in the lounge, however, all the food, tea, coffee, soft drinks, beers, spirits and wines are free of charge.