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(3 star hotel)
including 8 days parking
3.1 miles
from the airport
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Reviews for Ramada with parking at Long Stay

  • Average customer rating: 7 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 125

We got to within yards of the hotel and there were road works at Birchanger roundabout. We were unable to turn in to the hotel and were diverted 16 miles up the M11 and another 16 miles back again. We left the hotel extra early next morning. There were so many cones at the roundabout and despite being very careful we found ourselves going 16 miles up the. M11 again. By the time we got back again and found the car park we only just made the flight. It was a very stressful experience and we would never use that hotel again!

5 out of 10Ramada

Booking with holiday extras is so smooth and easy. Makes the additional bookings so much simpler. The hotel was fine - exactly what you’d expect from a hotel airport! The staff were friendly and helped with any queries. A bit of a pain with the elevator being broken but cannot be helped!

10 out of 10Ramada

The hotel was disgusting, old worn out furniture and carpets. It was smellie and dirty, couldn't wait to leave. The bathroom was a disgrace.

1 out of 10Ramada

When I got home I had a parking ticket, which I have appealed. The hotel obviously didn't pass on my car details to the services. I'll choose another hotel next time.

2 out of 10Ramada

Not happy at all, got to the hotel and the boiler wasn't working plus the lift wasn't working so not great when you have heavy suitcases to get up two flights of stairs. No hot water for baths either.

2 out of 10Ramada

The key coding machine wasn't working - so a memeber of staff had to take you to your room each time you wanted to leave it. the lift also wasn't working. The rooms were all tired and in need of repair/redecoration. there were stains on t he ceiling from water leaks - on tghe whole he place was just really run down and not worth the money.

3 out of 10Ramada

I received a parking ticket when I got home!

4 out of 10Ramada

Easy to book lots of choice great prices cancellation policy excellent too

10 out of 10Ramada

Our booking (CFFJQY) Was supposed to be a nice relaxing treat before an early morning flight, Booking included an evening meal at the hotel. On arrival at the hotel the receptionist was more interested in chatting with the security guard than she was in booking us in. She eventually got to us and informed us that the cook did not show up so there would be no meal. she assured us that she would make sure we were refunded immodestly for the meal for two that we booked. The room was not very clean and stunk of BO we put on the air con immediately as the windows don't open. we then left to find somewhere to eat in the area driving nearly 20 miles in all. The air con was really noisy so we ended up having to turn it off, at 1pm I went to get a bottle of water from the reception. two girls were busy phone scrolling so it mentioned that the air con was very noisy and kept us awake, the reply was "ya its not a very good system" I reminded them of my refund which they had no record of. they asked for my email which was written on a scrap of paper. I just knew it was not going to be straight forward from that moment. All in all we would never EVER book this hotel again. we contacted Holiday Extras whilst on holiday and again when we got back. and as yet NOTHING, I have another booking for September with Holiday Extras and really dreading that this is all going to happen again. We were really disappointed with the whole experience. We really feel ripped of by Holiday Extras

1 out of 10Ramada

Hotels were good. Only issue was the parking at the Hampton on our return which was expensive.

9 out of 10Ramada