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Did our customers have an easy stay?

Have a look at the comments below to see what Holiday Extras customers have had to say after staying at the Luton easyhotel at Luton.

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  • Average customer rating: 3 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 51

Hotel was terrible. Parking good.

2 out of 10Citi Hotel

My hotel booking was not honoured at the booking was made in the name of Hex Wheeler. I had to pay for another room

1 out of 10Citi Hotel

Hotel is in the middle of Luton, so didn’t use it at all only the psrking

1 out of 10Citi Hotel

The easy hotel in Luton is the worst hotel we have ever stayed in bar none. It was unclean, noisy all night, uncomfortable and claustrophobic. That you sell it through your site has reduced my opinion of Holiday Extras so much that I will not use you again, and will advise friends to do the same.

1 out of 10Citi Hotel

The easyhotel was the most disgusting and disappointing hotel where we ever been

1 out of 10Citi Hotel

The parking was excellent 10/10 The hotel was terrible, cramped, dirty and run down. 0.5/10 We would never stay in the Budget hotel Luton ever again.

1 out of 10Citi Hotel

I want my money back you cancelled my room and I’ve heard nothing. Hannah Morley flying on Friday 6th hotel for Thursday 5th please email me

1 out of 10Citi Hotel

The hotel and the parking went very smoothly. It was very good value.

10 out of 10Citi Hotel

The parking was great but the easy hotel is diabolical and the room was not fit to stay in. We didn’t expect much from a budget hotel but the hygiene standards were shocking. The room stank of smoke. The window frames were rotting and the mattress was only fit for a skip. We did not feel able to sleep in the bed due to the filthy mattress. In addition there wasn’t a bin any where in the room for sanitary disposal. This hotel needs visiting by health inspectors.

5 out of 10Citi Hotel

The hotel was disgusting, we checked in and left in 10minutes! I’m not sure how facilities like that stay opened to the public! I had to book an alternative hotel! Very very disappointed

1 out of 10Citi Hotel