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The Crowne Plaza at Heathrow is an exemplary airport hotel. But if you're still not sure whether to book or not, take a look at what other Holiday Extras customers have had to say about it...

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  • Average customer rating: 7 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 16

We booked the meet and greet, the car was picked up from the Crowne Plaza Heathrow Terminal 4 successfully. At the reception desk our booking couldn’t be found even when we showed the confirmation on our telephone we were not reassured that our booking would be accepted. The Customer Service from the hotel reception staff was appalling with no feedback to ourselves what so ever. We were left waiting for 45 minutes to then be told that they had booked us in. In morning at 5:00am a taxi was waiting and on checking out we were asked to pay the full cost of the room. We had to go through the whole scenario again with a new member of staff until it was resolved for the 2nd time. We would never book that hotel again.

1 out of 10Crowne Plaza T4 with Purple Parking Meet & Greet (was Blue Circle)

Hotel and staff were comfortable and friendly

8 out of 10Crowne Plaza T4

Your instructions and details need to be better. We flew from LHR terminal 3. The hotel is listed as on the airport and minutes away from the terminals! The instructions do not advise if have hotel and parking booked that you drive to the hotel there were instructions for the hotel and all departure terminals . As we were flying from terminal 3 we drove there and parked. We were then advised we should have parked at the hotel but no problem. … we then had to take a train to terminal 5 as terminal 4 is closed and pay for a bus to the hotel from terminal 5. We arrive at the hotel and at check in ask the quickest way to terminal 3 in the morning, she then advised the buses to terminals didn’t start at the time we needed and we would have to book a taxi. For £25!!! As the terminal is not walkable we were left with no choice! This turned a relaxing start to our holiday into a very stressful experience and could have been solved if the details on the website around location and how to park were explained better.

5 out of 10Crowne Plaza T4

The hotel we booked had been closed for a few day before we arrived because they had no water. We were not contacted by anyone. We had to be transferred to another hotel.

2 out of 10Crowne Plaza T4

Hotel fine, but check in took ages. Agent reluctant to print out Hoppa voucher for me, and then the Hoppa bus did not turn up anyway, so I spent £6 on a ticket to T3 for nothing, plus £25 on a taxi to get to T3 in time for check in..

6 out of 10Crowne Plaza T4

Beautiful and comfortable hotel, however the bar closed at 11.15pm. Drinks then served by room service, to the lounge, at twice the price of the bar prices. Crowne Plaza, I won’t be staying at any of your hotels again! Also I used the hotel reception to book a taxi to a different terminal. The taxi driver wouldn’t accept credit cards, and wanted to charge more than the quoted price. I understand that this isn’t directly the fault of the hotel, but Crowne Plaza should not be using this taxi company.

2 out of 10Crowne Plaza T4

Everything was as described. We had a bit of a wait for our car on our return which was slightly frustrating.

10 out of 10Crowne Plaza T4 with Purple Parking Meet & Greet (was Blue Circle)

We arrived at the hotel we booked to be told that it was closed and had been previously used as a quarantine hotel and not open to the public. They arranged for us to be put up in another hotel for the day and night

1 out of 10Crowne Plaza T4

We booked hotel stay over at terminal 4 crowne plaza with meet and greet. Meet and greet was smooth, they took the car immediately as we arrived at the hotel. But then we found the hotel was actually closed because it is now the covid isolation hotel, unfortunately no-one from holiday extras had told us. As we now had no car we had to get a taxi to take us to the substitute hotel. On returning from our holiday we phoned the meet and greet blue circle parking once we had our baggage as we'd been told to do but unfortunately we waited 40 minutes for the car to arrive. So all in all we've had better experiences.

4 out of 10Crowne Plaza T4

Nice friendly polite service. Food was nice. Comfortable room with lovely shower. For the price we paid great. With a young child bit of a way to terminal 2 but ok if with out children cab £25

10 out of 10Crowne Plaza T4