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  • Average customer rating: 8 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 23

I found the experience was a lot less stressful than trying to arrive at the airport from home the same morning as flying.We had time to find the security car park the night before too.Comfortable bed at hotel.

9 out of 10Premier Inn M9, J1

Our hotel was closed when you returned home from our flight

1 out of 10Premier Inn M9, J1

Premier Inn. Good comfortable room. Restaurant was good, food was enjoyable that we had for evening meal.

10 out of 10Premier Inn M9, J1

We were very disappointed that we could not get dinner at our chosen hotel and there was no where local we could eat, apart from McDonalds which both the adults in our party don't like. We could have tried to drive somewhere for dinner, however given that the car parking detailed that it was first come first serve for parking spaces and we had already paid for parking we were reluctant to move the car incase we could not get parked again. The lady at reception said that they didn't have sufficient chefs to be able to let us dine at the Premier Inn, thus we were forced out to Mc Donalds and true to form McDonalds served up food that wasn't to our liking. We booked the Premier Inn because of it's location to the airport as we had an early flight, so not sure if we would use this one again.

6 out of 10Premier Inn M9, J1

Everything went smoothly from the time we parked the car with Secure Airparks to our return in the early hours of the morning and car pick up. The Premier Inn check-in was excellent and never was a comfortable nights sleep and good breakfast more appreciated by two ove r eighties. We really appreciated the clear directions for all parts

10 out of 10Premier Inn M9, J1

Would not use again - I parked for 12 hours - my flight was cancelled - returned home - contacted you to ask to cancel hotel I was going to use on my return. Because I had parked for 12 hours unable to cancel hotel.

1 out of 10Premier Inn M9, J1

Everything was easy to book and everything went smoothly

10 out of 10Premier Inn M9, J1

Our flight was cancelled when we were in the hotel on a one night stay with one week’s parking to follow. We therefore did not need to park our car. We contacted you to inform you and were told that you would credit due to our cancellation. We have received no contact.

2 out of 10Premier Inn M9, J1

Premier inn directions on your website absolutely awful, directions ceased in the middle of the motorway!

7 out of 10Premier Inn M9, J1

Everything was exactly as described. Paying extra to pay to park in a hotel you're staying in, is a bit odd and the vegan options were very limited at the restaurant so I ate elsewhere and you loose a point for those two reasons.

9 out of 10Premier Inn M9, J1