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  • Average customer rating: 7 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 15

Very Happy with Hotel and parking not happy with holiday extras as we must have double booked by mistake and cancelled I booking as soon as we realised and we still have not received the refund so disappointed with this would make us think twice about using you again Mr & Mrs Collins

10 out of 10Priest House

Hotel was good, but there was a mix up with the taxi. We called the number provided to be told they no longer did the airport run. What should have been a 15 mins wait turned into an hour wait…..

4 out of 10Priest House

The receptionist on arrival wasn't particularly friendly or helpful. The menu in the evening was extremely limited. The accommodation wa disappointing and creepy. The actual building and grounds were beautiful and parking and airport transfers were perfect.

5 out of 10Priest House

First class service, this holiday was meant for June so my hotel and parking was moved several times. No problem changing dates which made everything easy.

10 out of 10Priest House

Priest house excellent and well organised Impressed as experience was poor last year. With port hotel

10 out of 10Priest House

Nearly half hour wait while they searched for our car keys when we arrived back. We also left two phone chargers in the room. We rang straight away and they promised to put them with our keys for collection. This didn't happen and after promising to make enquiries no one returned or calls.

1 out of 10Priest House

The stay at the hotel was fine. The transfer that the hotel arranged was a farce (going and on return). The transfer to take us to the hotel was 40 minutes late, it turns out this hotel doesn't book a taxi for each company they actually have 2 taxis running between the hotel and airport. Our taxi was held up so we had to wait for next one meaning we only just made our flight (once we got through security we heard the final call). We asked the hotel staff how much notice the taxi company needed for return, we was told 5-10 minutes and we should call them. We called once we had our cases to be told the taxi would be 20 minutes. 35 minutes later (after several attempts at calling as they wasn't answering the phone) a taxi arrive to pick 2 us up with another 2 passengers who happened to need a taxi to same hotel, I wouldn't mind this but it was a car rather than minibus meaning it took another 10 minutes for the driver to try to fit all cases in the boot and it resulted in all of us having a little case on our laps. I would never use this hotel and parking again

1 out of 10Priest House

Priest House Hotel was very nice. It extended my holiday an extra day! Staff were great.

9 out of 10Priest House

The hotel and transfers were good, the room was terrible, we were sent to the cottage outside the Hotel, the first room they gave us the lock would not work back to the hotel given another room in the cottage. We had a taxi booked for 05.30 so had gone to bed early only to be woken up by the people upstairs banging around at midnight. When we have stayed here before we have had a room in the Hotel.

3 out of 10Priest House

Excellent hotel, a real Gem. Fantastic meal in the restaurant too. Easy car parking, Taxi service and stay.

10 out of 10Priest House