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(3 star hotel)
including 8 days parking
7.0 miles
from the airport
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Reviews for Coventry Hill

  • Average customer rating: 7 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 182

The hotel was cheap to stay in and leave the car.The staff were not great.To ring for a taxi was a stupid system,ended up ringing on my mobile.The room was okay but the bar area was awful.The outside of the hotel and the car park need a major over haul.Would not stay there again

3 out of 10Coventry Hill

Clean friendly staff and comfortable room.

9 out of 10Coventry Hill

Hotel was OK for a night just so we was near the airport. Needs upgrading but we didn't really care as not there long enough too care!

7 out of 10Coventry Hill

I have made a complaint about the hotel and I'm awaiting on a response.

3 out of 10Coventry Hill

The Coverntry hotel is a scruffy place, we would not sty there again.

9 out of 10Coventry Hill

Hotel although clean was very old & dated. Breakfast was not good at all we did not like anything very cheap products, We were not happy to leave our car in one of the car parks as it did not look very secure. So we moved it nearer the hotel under a light were it was I’m happy to stay ok when we collected it.

5 out of 10Coventry Hill

Always book my holiday extras with "holiday extras",

8 out of 10Coventry Hill

Will be staying at Coventry Hill again. Cost an extra £50 to get to airport and back.

3 out of 10Coventry Hill

Hotel in need of refurbishment and over priced

7 out of 10Coventry Hill

We booked 1 night stay and leave the car for following 14 nights, all simple to book online. On arrival at hotel we were not enthused by the dated & drab 70’s concrete look of the hotel exterior but once we drove around the car park we were even more dismayed to see it was full of smashed glass and not a CCTV camera or sign of any security anywhere. We did check in which was fine & inside of hotel although very dated appeared clean & pleasant and staff polite. The room was very basic but adequate for what we had paid however we did not stay the night as we really had hoped for a better start to our family holiday in nicer surroundings, we subsequently vacated the room and stayed across the road in superior Best Western hotel. We did then return the car to park for our holiday & upon entering the car park were horrified to find newly smashed glass, crow bar & hammer strewn across the car park! With a plane to catch we had no option but to ‘shoehorn’ our car into, the only space we could find, as near to the hotel entrance as possible in the vain hope that we may be lucky enough to come back and find our car still waiting for us! Please note there are approximately 8 car spaces immediately out front of hotel (I guess employees use these?!) and the main car park is up a separate ramp and totally void of anyone/anything overlooking hence why cars are easily vandalised or stolen!! We actually informed receptionist of glass/hammer/crowbar in the car park & they were totally unaware and called the police. We had a dread the whole 2 weeks away of what may await us upon our return...either vandalised car or no car at all but felt very fortunate and relieved when we found our car intact upon our return, I do feel that this was only due to the fact we managed to get the solitary space in front of the hotel entrance. Overall this hotel is not fit t leave your car securely in and should not be advertised as such. I have used holiday extras many times before but will definitely explore other options next year.

1 out of 10Coventry Hill