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Aberdeen Britannia Hotel Reviews

Reviews for

  • Average customer rating: 7 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 10

Lots of renovations being carried so workmen and their transport e rey where. Not cheap for a pretty rough room. The bed was okay but the bathroom was terrible as was the peeling wallpaper, grotty carpet and general tiredness of the place. No meals available in the restaurant on the night we stayed, used the adjoining bar. No atmosphere, couldn't wait to have something to eat and get out.

1 out of 10Britannia

Many alterations being carried out at this hotel. Room shabby not chic

1 out of 10Britannia

everything was perfect. was great to leave my car there and go on holiday. will do this again .

10 out of 10Britannia

Hotel tired looking but does the job

7 out of 10Britannia

Excellent deal, accommodation good but parking is not secure at the hotel. The staff in the hotel are very helpful.

9 out of 10Britannia

Food was great, comfortable room and transfers on time. A great start to our trip.

9 out of 10Britannia

Very good. The parking was opposite the hotel and had security cameras.

6 out of 10Britannia

The room was great and we had a comfortable stay.

7 out of 10Britannia

Excellent accommodation, food and transfers. A great beginning to our holiday.

9 out of 10Britannia

Nice and helpful staff. High standard Airport hotel. I was surprised by the gym and pool.

8 out of 10Britannia