Before your windsurfing holiday: at Gatwick airport

By Jonathan Clarke

WindsurfingIf you're flying out of Gatwick for your windsurfing holiday then we recommend finding out what to expect when carrying a lot of kit.

Turning up unprepared just ensures lots of extra hassle that's usually completely avoidable.

This section of our guide is designed to make sure you show up at Gatwick well informed and fully prepared to head away on your windsurfing holiday.

"Turning up unprepared just ensures lots of extra hassle that's usually completely avoidable."

We've information on the check-in procedure, what to do with your windsurfing equipment, security procedures, shops, restaurants and more. And don't forget, while we aim to answer any question you might have, there may be something we've missed.

If we don't have that bit of information or advice you're after then please don't hesitate to let us know. Leave a comment and we'll be only too happy to get back to you with a helpful answer.

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