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Where you can travel to right now

It's just got so much easier (and cheaper) to return to the UK - so why not head off on a last-minute holiday?


La Gomera




Holidays shouldn't be a hassle, so to save you keeping tabs on changing travel rules around the world, we're doing it for you. Every week, we'll pick five destinations that are open for an easy, straightforward holiday and explain what you need to know to visit.

There are only 37 countries still fully closed to UK visitors around the world, mostly in Asia and Africa, so if you've already picked your destination most normal holidays should go without a hitch. But if you want a hand picking somewhere with limited restrictions, low Covid rates and where life is almost back to normal, let us help.

Varadero | Cuba

Great for… an exotic, long-haul Caribbean adventure


Why Varadero?

Varadero in Cuba is one of our fastest-growing destinations this year, well up on its pre-pandemic popularity. It���s Cuba's package holiday resort, so if you want to dig a little deeper into Cuba you might want to see Havana instead - but for an exotic, self-contained Caribbean break it's an increasingly popular option.

Cuba has enjoyed one of the great vaccine successes of the pandemic, vaccinating almost its entire population with home-grown vaccines and even giving some away to poorer countries, so it currently has the highest vaccination rate in the world. At time of writing it's at 30% of its Covid peak and levelling off.

Need to know

You need a vaccine pass, recent negative test and a tourist card (a very easy to obtain visa) to get into Cuba. Because of US sanctions, it's illegal to fly from the US to Cuba for tourism, but there is a list of 12 other permitted reasons to visit which you may qualify for.

La Gomera | The Canary Islands

Great for… short-haul winter sun

La Gomera

Why La Gomera?

Tenerife is now at Covid alert level 4, with the other major islands at 3. La Gomera is still at 2, and you get get there by changing planes at Tenerife Sur or, charmingly, by boat from the main island. Once there you'll find a slower pace of life, an authentic Canarian experience and, importantly, fewer restrictions due to the lower alert level.

Don't forget! We've been to the Canaries – take a look at our original video guides.

Need to know

Travelling to Spain generally only requires full vaccination status (for anyone over 12, so family holidays with some children may still prove impractical). Some accommodation on the Canary Islands also requires a negative test - check before you book.


Great for… seeing the breathtaking ancient city of Petra while it's quiet

Petra Jordan

Why Jordan?

Petra should be on everyone's bucket list - one of the marvels of the world, and right now it's quieter than ever. Covid rates are low so there are very few restrictions for visitors - you'll just need a visa and a negative test to come in.


Great for… visiting theatreland as everything opens back up

Ski car in Jasna, Slovakia

Why London?

There are some great shows and some great deals on in London as everything opens back up. New shows like Back to the Future and Moulin Rouge, as well as classics such as Wicked and Les Mis are all worth a trip to the capital. There's never been a better time to go, and if you're thinking of a break, cases in the UK are falling faster than almost anywhere and the capital's still quiet.

Need to know

You need your vaccine pass to access some hospitality in the UK, but the country's open for business.

Innsbruck | Austria

Great for… skiing with the kids

Family skiing

Why Innsbruck?

Austria is open to triple vaxxed and recently recovered adults, and has just introduced a scheme for unvaccinated 6-15-year-old visitors to ski called, rather wonderfully, the Holiday Ninja Pass. Bookings for Innsbruck are therefore up on 2019 this year as families head there for the skiing.

Need to know

Unvaccinated adults face a strict lockdown in Austria so only head out there if you've had the booster in good time. The Holiday Ninja Pass works for 6-15-year-olds so makes for easy family skiing this season..