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Top 5 things to see and do in Alicante

Alicante is a favourite spot among sun-loving families. Located on Spain's east coast, it's popular for its sandy beaches, laid back eateries and architectural gems. Here are our tips for a family holiday to remember:

1. Consider the weather

The most popular time to visit Alicante is in the summer, but the weather is mild throughout the year. Visiting in the winter months could provide relief from the higher temperatures and the crowds, but it can be rainy in the autumn.

2. Book an airport transfer

Getting to and from the airport in a foreign town can be tricky, especially with kids in tow. Keep things simple by booking your Alicante Airport Transfers in advance. You'll be dropped to the door of your accommodation and picked up when it's time to go.

3. Take a stroll

Don't underestimate the enjoyment to be had in exploring the local area. Wander beyond the main streets and you'll find a network of beautiful, secluded avenues leading to community squares. Discover the local culture by stopping at a fish market or visiting one of the city's free-entry museums.

4. Use public transport

Alicante benefits from great transport links, as well as convenient Airport Transfers. The buses and trams are regularly used by locals and tourists, and continue running though the evening.

5. Hire a car for day trips

There are many interesting spots around Alicante. Hire a car that's big enough for all the family and explore places like Benidorm, Busot, Guadalest, Villajoyosa and Vinalopó.

6. Visit Santa Barbara Castle

An Alicante holiday isn't complete without a visit to Santa Barbara Castle. The whole family will enjoy discovering the medieval fortress. As it's situated 166 metres above sea level it provides stunning views across the city.

7.Cool off at a waterpark

Kids and adults alike can enjoy floating along lazy rivers or zooming down waterslides. Aquapark Flamingo and Aqualandia are just two of the parks nearby.

8. Respect the local culture

There are many family-friendly places to eat, but remember to tip the server 10%-15% of the bill price.

9. Celebrate with the locals

In June, Alicante hosts the annual Bonfires of San Juan festival, during which families can enjoy music, fireworks and the burning of ninots (papier-mâché and wooden figures).

9. Swap sand for grass

If the beaches become too busy, there's plenty of pretty parks in Alicante for families to check out. They're the perfect spot for picnics or for letting the kids have a run-around.

10. Bring back memories

Remember to bring your camera to fully capture the magic of your family holiday in Alicante and treasure it for years to come.