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Top 5 things to do on a weekend in Alicante

Looking for a mini break with a difference? Alicante is the ideal spot. There's lots to see, plenty of beaches and restaurants in abundance. At Holiday Extras, we want you to use your time wisely, so here are our suggestions of the top 5 things to do on a weekend in Alicante. Once you're here, our airport transfers will make sure you get to your accommodation with zero hassle, so you can concentrate on enjoying your weekend.

Seek out the sights

You'll be wanting to see as much of the area as you can throughout the weekend. Luckily, Alicante is ready with guided city tours of all sorts. There are all kinds of walking tours to see museums, galleries and historical sites, plus you can take in the sights by bike or Segway if you'd prefer.

Top up your tan

You don't have to spend all day there to really make the most of one of Alicante's gorgeous beaches. A morning to savour the soft sand and glistening waters is often just enough. We recommend San Juan beach – at 3km long there's water sports, football and plenty of shorefront cafés and bars to keep you hydrated.

Eat like a local

Alicante's food is legendary, so you should dedicate some time to local delicacies. Rice dishes are most popular here, from paella to arròs a banda, rice cooked in fish stock and served with alioli. Don't forget about the seafood, too – try Denia red prawns, stuffed squid and locally caught eel.

Take in the nightlife

If you've a couple of nights to spare, a visit to Alicante's clubs and bars is essential. The city centre and the Old Town (known as barrio) are the place to be – look out for cocktail bars and concert venues here. Down by the marina, throbbing nightclubs light the way to the ocean, while San Juan beach has a number of late-night bars and dance spots.


You're here to get away from it all, so taking some time to unwind is a good idea. Alicante's centre has loads of coffee shops (try Sip and Wonder or Bunátic Coffee) where you can watch the world go by. Or treat yourself to some gelato at one of the many ice cream places – sit outside and people watch as you enjoy your dessert.

After the weekend has passed, book onto our Alicante Airport transfers to get you from room to airport in a flash.