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Top beach activities in Alicante

There's nothing like feeling the sun on your skin, the waves tickling your toes and the cool ocean breeze. A beach holiday in Alicante is a must for anyone who needs a top-up of good old vitamin D. Luckily, Alicante is dotted with beaches, from the well-known San Juan to hidden gems like Playa de la Almadraba and Playa de los Saladares. And there's more to beach life than sunbathing – although we're happy to do that all day! Once you've arrived and our airport transfers have taken you to your final destination, there's plenty to do down by the sea. Here are some of our top beach activities in Alicante.

On dry land

Alicante is known for its white-sand beaches that are flanked by turquoise seas on one side and chic restaurants and bars on the other. San Juan beach is probably the best known. As well as catching up on your holiday reading, there are also areas sectioned off for beach volleyball and football – and it's incredibly accessible, with parts of it reserved for educational play and disabled access during the summer months. Playa de los Saladares is more than 1.5km of soft sand with undulating dunes and specific regions that are reserved as nude beaches.

To avoid the crowds, head for Cabo de la Huerta. Here you can explore the rocky shoreline and the mysterious coves to see if you can spot any marine wildlife. More than anything, though, you'll be happy just to sit back under the sun and forget about everyday life for a while.

All at sea

Being by the sea doesn't mean you have to be in full-on relaxation mode. In fact, Alicante's beach activities cater for sports lovers and adventure seekers as well. There are a number of companies around to get your blood pumping. Check out Blue Valley Watersports, who have tons of fun things to do like stand-up paddling, kayaking in the calm waters and surfing at various beaches throughout Alicante. There's also Eventos Multiaventura, who'll get you out in the water snorkelling, diving, wakeboarding and even soaring above the ocean on a sci-fi style flyboard.

No matter what you decide to do at the beach, remember that our Alicante Airport transfers are a simple way to get to your destination. You'll be able to feel the sand between your toes in no time.