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Top 5 Things To See and Do In Rome

It would be so easy to tell you about 50 top things to see and do in Italy's capital city – or 500 – but we are going to limit ourselves to just five.

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Living history

Walking around Rome is akin to strolling through an open museum. This is never more true of the Imperial Forums, which really do make it feel like you're stepping back 2,000 years in time. Not as old but no less fascinating, the Trevi Fountain. It's the city's largest baroque fountain, and has been made famous worldwide by its appearance in films such as Three Coins in the Fountain and, of course, La Dolce Vita. Probably Rome's best known landmark is the Colosseum, a spectacular amphitheatre that once held barbaric gladiatorial conflicts purely to entertain.

A modern-day spectator sport

Thankfully, gladiatorial competition has long given way to two teams kicking a spherical object around a large patch of green grass. Stadio Olimpico is the home ground of a pair of Italian footballing titans: AS Roma and SS Lazio. The atmosphere and excitement generated by a top-tier Serie A game is not entirely unlike the fervour created in a Roman amphitheatre of yore. Even if you're not a football fan, being a part of a 72,690-capacity crowd is quite the experience.

Studio tour

Cinecittà is one of the world's most renowned movie studios that routinely saw the likes of Fellini, Antonioni, Visconti and Pasolini create cinematic magic. Cinecittà is the largest soundstage in Europe and if you're at all interested in the history of movies, a tour is definitely in order.

Alta moda

Italians pride themselves on the way they look, particularly the cut of their clothes. While Milan is one of the most important fashion centres in the world, Rome is no slouch, either. Just wander down Rome's main street, Via del Corso, to discover a host of well-known retailers – and turn into Via Condotti to get your fill of a plethora of high-end brands.

Eat out

Rome offers almost limitless fine-dining options, many of which are really very affordable. Foodies will adore Felice a Testaccio, for example, a traditional trattoria that serves up the best of local cuisine. For that most venerated of Italian snacks, head to Seu Pizza Illuminati to experience a truly authentic taste sensation. A little off the beaten track, cosy Trattoria Da Enzo al 29 serves simple yet delicious meals, such as cacio e pepe – a Roman classic.

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