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Top 5 Things To Do At The Weekend in Costa Adeje

Any two days enjoyed in Costa Adeje are likely to be better than an average weekend spent at home. After all, Tenerife offers wonderfully sunny weather, soft golden sands and the warm, welcoming waters of the Atlantic Ocean – but these are not its only attractions.

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Take a hike

Tenerife offers a beguiling mixture of sights. Take, for instance, its Martian-like landscapes, handful of black-sanded beaches and traditional Canarian dwellings. This is an island that rewards the senses and is always ripe for exploration. One marvellous way to spend the weekend here is by traversing Parque Nacional del Teide, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of distinction. This epically sized natural park (the largest in the Canary Islands) is home to Spain's tallest peak – Mount Teide, an active volcano that stands more than 3,700 metres high.

Make a splash

Siam Park is one of the world's foremost water parks and it's situated right in the heart of Costa Adeje. This Thai-themed pleasure paradise features more than 60 water attractions, including a wave pool that is the largest man-made attraction of its kind on the planet.

Hit the beach

Costa Adeje features myriad beautiful beaches – and three of the very best are Playa del Duque, Playa de la Pinta and Playa de Fañabé. There are few better ways to ease into the weekend than relaxing on inviting sands as the Atlantic Ocean waves lap gently at the shore.

Sub-aquatic sensations

This part of Tenerife's coastline is perfect for underwater exploration – and there are several great diving centres in the area that can help you make the most of the experience. Swim with dolphins, giant sea turtles and other creatures as you discover fascinating wrecks, tunnels and much more.

Traditional Tenerife

If you want to feel like you've travelled back in time, why not visit a traditional Canarian settlement? San Miguel de Abona is one of the oldest towns in southern Tenerife, one that is inhabited mainly by locals. This part of the island is almost entirely untainted by tourism, allowing its few visitors to enjoy the spectacle of proudly maintained old properties. San Miguel de Abona is a 25-minute car or taxi journey from Costa Adeje. If you hire a bike, it'll only take you about 90 minutes each way.

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