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Top 5 Palma Destinations for Families on a Budget

You don't need to splash the cash in Palma, as there's plenty to do on the cheap – or even for free. We've had a think about the top 5 Palma destinations for families on a budget, and here are our ideas. Before getting stuck in, remember ourairport transfersare a safe and reliable way to get to locations all over Spain

Caló des Moro

Spend some quality family time at Caló des Moro – a secluded shore that's a bit further away from the busier crowds that can accumulate at some of Palma's beaches. The kids will love clamouring over the rocks to reach the sand and adults will enjoy the peaceful vibe, warm sun and the relaxing sound of the tide. Grab a picnic lunch of local ham, cheese and bread to eat on the sand.

Café La Lonja

This is a busy little café bar, but one worth checking out. The food is well priced and it's the perfect place to go if your children want to experiment with local dishes – here they can try squid and chorizo. The dish of the day is less than €10, which – given the café's prime location – is great value for money.


A fun way to occupy the kids and get a little exercise in is to hire rollerblades and skate down Portixol. This is a promenade that connects Palma, Portixol and Es Molinar and the whole route is about 16km long. The path is loved by walkers, runners and cyclists, and there are plenty of places to stop and admire views of the sea, too.