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Top 5 Cala d'Or Destinations for Families on a Budget

If you're travelling with kids to Cala d'Or, you're almost certain to have a great time. While it may not be as all-singing-and-dancing as some of its Majorcan counterparts, it's a lovely part of the island that tends not to get overcrowded. Get your Balearic Island vacation off to a smooth and affordable start with ourCala d'Or airport transfers.

A bucket, a spade and a beach

Despite its relatively small size, Cala d'Or is blessed with a number of gorgeous coves, many of which come with their own beach. Cala Gran, for instance possesses a clean stretch of white sand that provides a wonderful contrast to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. These two features alone should be more than enough to keep the children preoccupied for hours.

Hire some bikes

If your kids are old enough and able to cycle, hiring bikes for the family is a fun way of getting around You can see much more of the resort this way, and even venture further afield. Even if you decide to rent bicycles just for one day, you can really make the most of it with an early start and a packed lunch ready to break open when little voices begin to pipe up.

Es Forti

Most kids adore a castle, and while Es Forti may not be the biggest, grandest of its kind, it's well worth checking out. For one thing, you'll enjoy the pleasant stroll to get there and once you do, you'll be provided with terrific views and great family photo opportunities. Oh, and the fort is free to enter.

Parc Natural de Mondrago

If you do decide to hire bikes for the day, you could always head over to Parc Natural de Mondragó, a journey that should take less than half an hour. (Even on foot, the trek should last no longer than 75 minutes. Alternatively, you could take the 507 bus and be there in about 45 minutes.) As well as having its own cove beach, this verdant expanse features all manner of vegetation and animals that can be seen via a number of trails – which can also be covered on bicycle.


On the other side of this natural park is Cala Santanyí, a cove with a 'hidden' beach. It's certainly a sheltered bay, thanks to the outcrops that extend from the island on either side. Set out early and make a day of it, the kids will be glad you made them go.

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