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Top 10 Tips For The Perfect Family Holiday In Majorca

If you and your family are heading to Majorca, we have put together a handy guide to help you get the most out of your time on this beautiful island.

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1. Let everyone have their say

Hold a family meeting and ask everyone want they want out of their holiday. This way, you can plan many activities ahead of time – and everyone will feel that they have a stake in the vacation.

2. Carefully considered booking

Booking a trip in the middle of school holidays can often work out cheaper, as can travelling on weekdays as opposed to weekends.

3. Learn a bit of the lingo

Assuming you aren't fluent in Spanish, encourage everyone to learn some key phrases – and make it a fun part of the holiday preparations.

4. Passports, etc.

Make sure you have all necessary documentation up to date and ready because you won't get very far without it.

5. Prepare for the heat

Be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen and appropriate warm-weather attire in readiness for the Majorcan heat.

6. Easy to identify

It's worth dressing kids, especially the very young, in clothing that is simple to describe and spot in a crowd – in case they manage to get lost.

7. The time factor

You'll know this better than most but kids usually need more time to get ready than the average adult. With that in mind, be sure to factor in enough time for them to get organised before each daily excursion.

8. Paying sometimes pays off

While a great many of Majorca's attractions are free, stumping up the cash for an activity will often pay dividends, whether it be for a water park, aquarium or a boat trip.

9. Portable gaming

We're not talking Nintendo DS or Sony Vita, here. A simple pack of cards can work wonders during those intervals when there's nothing to do. Even a spot of 'I spy' can help pass the time when the kids are starting to feel a little antsy.

10. Have fun!

It sounds obvious to say this but enjoy your Majorca family vacation. The easiest way to do so is by listening to your kids, engaging them, keeping them motivated and doing lots of fun things.

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