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Tips for solo travellers over 60 in Alicante

If you're looking for a getaway that combines a traditional ambiance, sites of historical importance and endless beaches and coves, Alicante is your go-to holiday destination. Solo visitors are well catered for, so much so that we've put together our tips for single travellers over 60. Of course, to take the stress out of getting to Alicante, our airport transfers do the hard work for you. Book a private car or shuttle bus and we'll meet you at the airport and take you to your door.

Eat well

The Mediterranean diet is a great one: it's not only mostly heart-healthy, but it has also been praised for preserving traditional activities connected to farming and fishing. Alicante's a perfect spot to take advantage of this. Look out for tapas bars serving fresh seafood (try the red Denia prawns and hearty paella) and remember to explore some of the locally made wines – perhaps on a visit to a neighbouring vineyard.

Get walking

At most times of the year, excluding mid-winter, Alicante is the ideal place for a brisk wander. You can explore the local coastal paths – taking plenty of stops off to paddle at Alicante's numerous beaches. There's also the Santa Bárbara Castle – a medieval fortress perched on a cliff, or El Huerto del Cura gardens in nearby Elche which are home to Europe's largest palm groves.

Take in the culture

Planning a cultural trip? Alicante's the place to be. Visit the Contemporary Art Museum to see some Picassos or Mirós, the Alicante City Museum to learn about the city's fascinating history, and the Provincial Archaeology Museum for an avant-garde approach to archaeology. The Lucentum Archaeological Site is good for a solo wander – here you'll discover the remains of ancient Alicante.

Stay safe

Alicante is a safe city to visit, as it's generally family-friendly and most of the nightlife areas are clustered into their own distinct groups. Single travellers should be a little more alert, however, to make sure everything goes swimmingly. Avoid dark streets at night, particularly the party areas near the shore, and leave important items in your hotel room. Some more practical tips: don't forget to top up your sunscreen regularly, and – for foodies – remember most restaurants close between around 4-9pm for siesta.

Ultimately, we at Holiday Extras want you to relax and enjoy your single trip to Alicante. Remember to book one of our Alicante Airport transfers and we'll take you exactly where you need to be.