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Tips For Single travellers Over 60

A holiday to Rome can be both peaceful and relaxing as well as exciting and cultural. Depending on the activities you choose, it's the perfect place for mature holidaymakers. Have a look at our tips for single travellers over 60 to see how we at Holiday Extras think you can make the most of Rome. Then remember to pre-book your airport transfers to get from the airport to your accommodation safely and reliably.

Stay active

It's easy – and understandable – to want to switch off and get into lazy mode when you're on holiday. However, if you've chosen a city-based holiday rather than a beach one, there's loads to do to keep you active. A good place to start in Rome is with a walking tour. Some will take you on a tour of the sights, others are perfect to get to know the city's food and wine scene.

Look out for deals

There are plenty of tour companies who offer holidays to Rome for single travellers over 60. These can include hotels, meals and sightseeing, while some make sure your accommodation is right for you – avoiding the more youthful places to stay in favour of calm retreats. Once you're in Rome, look for discounted entry to the more famous sights – many account for the over 60's or over 65's.

Be safe

As with any popular tourist destination, it's always good to stay aware, particularly if you're a single traveller. Try your best not to look too much like a tourist – don't linger over maps or obviously carry money. Look out for pickpockets, especially when you're at crowded attractions and keep your personal belongings close to hand to make sure you always know where your valuables are.

Find time to relax

As a single traveller over 60, you're free to do whatever you want, whenever you want. With your itinerary entirely yours to plan, don't forget to take a little bit of time to relax. In Rome, this can mean simply finding a café for a cappuccino and people watching as the world goes by. It can also be slowly strolling around the Museo Nazionale Romano or Galleria Borghese before going to spend an afternoon at Capitoline Museums.

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