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Things you need to know before travelling to Tenerife

Tenerife is a popular holiday destination for Brits. It is the largest of Spain's Canary Islands and known for its year-round sunshine and beautiful beaches. When you're not relaxing and catching some rays, you can get lost in nature, have a stroll along the Old Town cobbles or play golf at one -or all - of eight golf courses. With so much to see and do for the family, it's no surprise that five million tourists flock there each year. To ensure that your holiday runs as smoothly as possible you can pre-book your airport transfers with Holiday Extras. But before you set off, let's consider some things you should know about the island.

Whereabouts should I stay?

There is quite a big difference in the climate between the north and south of the island. There is more greenery in the north, but this is accompanied with more clouds and rain. Whilst the south usually sees more sun and feels drier.

Playa de la Americas, Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje are the most popular tourist cities in the south west and Puerto de la Cruz is the favoured choice in the north. If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of a city and buzzing nightlife, opt for one of these places. However, if you wish to avoid the crowds, you might want to stay in a quieter area.

How should I travel around?

One of the easiest options would be to rent a car. There is a highway that extends almost the whole island and connects major cities. Or, you can use the bus service, which is run by the company, TITSA, which can also get you to every corner of the island. There are also taxis, trams and coaches. Travelling to your chosen location can be made easier from the get-go with our Tenerife airport transfers, and you can choose from a private car, private shuttle or shared bus.

What should I do and see?

The north is home to historic towns, tropical gardens and incredible walking routes, whilst the south is where the majority of the sea-based activities and theme parks are. The Thai-themed Siam Park is Tenerife's biggest water park and known across Europe. Or, you could even go whale and dolphin watching in the waters between Tenerife and neighbouring island La Gomera where they feed.