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Things You Need To Know Before Travelling To Majorca

To fully enjoy a holiday in Majorca, all you really have to do is relax and embrace Mediterranean life. There are, however, a few pieces of knowledge and information that will make your stay more enjoyable. Here are some things you need to know before traveling to Majorca. Before packing, remember to book one of our airport transfers. We can meet you off your flight and get you to locations across Spain.

Be wary of tap water

Unlike most of mainland Spain, tap water in the Balearics, including Majorca, is probably best avoided. It's fine to brush your teeth and boil food in, but might not be right for people used to Britain's tap water. Be extra cautious in Palma, where the water scores low in quality.

Consider the local way of life

The siesta is still very important in Majorca. Most locals don't use it to sleep, however, rather they spend time with family – so be prepared for shops, offices and even some restaurants and cafés to close in the middle of the day. To counter this, dinner is normally eaten quite late – from 9pm onwards and can linger until the early hours.

It's definitely a tourist destination

While there are certainly remote and secluded places throughout the island – particularly small beaches and coves – Majorca is a popular tourist destination. It's a favourite for young travellers who might be looking for a party holiday, especially in bigger cities like Palma and resorts like Magaluf. If that's not your thing, research where to stay carefully before booking your trip.

Useful information


  • Son Espases, Carretera de Valldemossa 79, 07120 Palma. Phone number: 0034 971 218 787
  • Son Llàtzer, Ctra. de Manacor, 07198 Palma

Tourist information

  • Plaça d'Espanya, 07002 Majorca. Phone number: 0034 902 102 365
  • Alcúdia Municipal Tourist Office, Pere Ventayol, 07400. Phone number: 0034 971 549 022

British Consulate

  • Edificio Orisba, B4D,Carrer Convent dels Caputxins, 07002. Phone number: 0034 933 666 200

Useful telephone numbers

  • Emergencies (police, ambulance, fire): 112
  • Local police: 092
  • Civil guard: 062
  • Emergencies at sea: 900 202 202

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