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Things you Need to Know Before Travelling to Cala d'Or

If you're searching for your next summer holiday destination, Cala d'Or could be for you. Located on the east coast of Majorca, this beach resort is perfect for family holidays and romantic getaways. Browse ourairport transfersto make sure yours gets off to a flying start.


Cala d'Or sits on the north-east edge of the district of Santanyi, located on Majorca's eastern coast. This places Cala d'Or less than 40 miles from Palma International Airport, so you can get to the resort in under an hour if travelling by car. Otherwise, check out our Cala d'Or airport transfersfor a quick and easy journey.


Cala d'Or is a beautiful resort, with plenty of places to explore. Originally a quaint fishing village, it is now home to a sizeable marina, which can be found in Cala Llonga, the biggest cove in Cala d'Or. The resort as a whole is smart and modern in general, but venture away from the popular tourist spots and you will discover networks of cobbled alleyways. This means that you can enjoy quality food and drink in classy eateries, for example, but get away from the crowds when you want to.


Cala d'Or can be translated as 'Golden Bay', but there are five bays and coves in the resort: Cala Llonga, Cala Serena, Cala Gran, Cala Esmeralda and Cala Ferrera. These are not large, sprawling beaches, but small, relatively secluded ones – the largest is Cala Gran, which is just 40 metres long. Because of the popularity of the resort, the beaches can get crowded in the summer months, but there are nearby spots that are less busy. One such location is Cala Varques, a much quieter beach that is 90 metres in length and a half hour car journey from Cala d'Or. There are much fewer restaurants and bars in this area, so remember to bring your own refreshments if you opt for this beach.

Things To Do

If you're not content to sit back and relax on your holiday, why not partake in some local activities? Many of the beaches in Cala d'Or offer holidaymakers the opportunity to go scuba diving, kitesurfing or windsurfing. In some locations, there are also boats available for hire, from pedalos to luxury yachts.