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Tenerife solo holiday trips

A solo holiday to Tenerife is an exciting new adventure to embark on. The island is stretched out before you with a wealth of unique experiences and tropical temperatures to enjoy. There's a lot to get stuck into, so we've narrowed it down to some Tenerife solo holiday tips. Another tip we recommend is to choose one of our airport transfers to get you from the airport to your hotel. We offer a range of transfer options from shared shuttles to private cars and minibuses, so every schedule and budget is accounted for.

Treat yourself

A solo holiday is the perfect excuse to throw all caution to the wind. It's time to indulge, and Tenerife is a great place for this. Food is an integral part of the culture, with recipes handed down through generations. For local produce, try Bodegón el Barranquillo whose meat comes from a family pig farm and wine is homemade. Sample seafood dishes at La Masía del Marwhich serves up fresh fish caught nearby every day.

Try something new

Tenerife is perfectly placed to offer activities you haven't tried before. To broaden your horizons and jump out of your comfort zone, you can find places that do watersports – check out Playa de las Américas for waterskiing, jet skiing or parasailing – as well as deep sea fishing and windsurfing. Diving is a popular sport for visitors and there's a host of vivid creatures to spy under the shimmering turquoise water.

Go on a tour

When you'd like to mingle with your fellow holidaymakers, an excursion is just the ticket. Atlántico Excursiones take you outside the city to the incredible Mount Teide with experienced guides who can fill you in on the area's history. Enology Tours is a company specialising in wine and rural tourism and will whisk you to the surrounding vineyards. Others put on maritime sports, yachting and cultural days out.

Be alert

The most important thing when travelling alone is to have your wits about you at all times. Tenerife is a busy, often crowded place, and it's a good idea to carry money and valuables in a safe place in case of pickpockets. Try to avoid walking alone at night, but, if you must, don't listen to music. Having a basic knowledge of Spanish – or just a few important phrases – will help if you find yourself in a sticky situation.

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