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Seasonal activities in Tenerife

Tenerife is known for its warm weather all year round, making it a popular holiday destination in every season. There is an average temperature of 18°C in the winter and 25°C in the summer, with highs of over 30°C. Despite Tenerife's relatively consistent climate, there are still some seasonal differences in how busy the island gets and the weather. So here we take a look at the activities best suited to each season. Regardless of the month you travel, you can always rely on our airport transfers to take you directly to your accommodation. We only work with reliable providers to make your journey from the airport to your resort as hassle-free as possible


September is usually just as hot as August and July, but by October, is generally cools down a little and stays below 30°C. This makes autumn a great time to go on hikes and explore the island without getting too sweaty. You could explore the Teide National Park, which is a huge national park centred on the highest mountain of Spain, Mount Teide.


Winter is one of Tenerife's high seasons due to the warm weather. Temperatures still reach above 20°C, so whilst Brits are seeing snow back home, tourists can soak up some sun on the beach. Playa Las Vistas beach in Los Cristianos is a popular choice due to its crystal-clear water, golden sand and picturesque promenade. Winter is a popular season for older visitors who enjoy the mild weather but seek a more relaxed and chilled atmosphere compared to summer. So if you want to avoid younger party-goers, this might be the season for you.


The Easter period is Tenerife's busiest time in spring. Semana Santa is the week before Easter and there are many religious processions taking place as the holiday is very important in Spanish culture. Accommodation and flight prices go up during this period and it is very busy. If this isn't an issue for you can enjoy particularly good weather in the south, so why not head to Siam Park Tenerife's biggest Thai-themed water park.


Summer is also a high season and gets especially busy in the school summer holiday months. The dry, warm weather makes it the best time to explore the notoriously cloudier and rainier north of the island. You could explore the natural pools in Bajamar or the Anaga forest.

With its slight variances in temperature and popularity of the seasons, Tenerife suits every type of tourist. Don't forget to check out our Tenerife airport transfers for a reliable and stress-free start to your holiday. We offer a range of options to get you to your destination - from shared shuttles to private cars and minibuses, all at great prices.