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Seasonal Activities in Costa Adeje

Regardless of when you choose to visit Tenerife, you are almost certainly guaranteed balmy, sunny weather. In fact, the island is a popular destination for travellers that look forward to winter warmth.

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Now, let's look at what Costa Adeje has to offer throughout the year…

Colourful carnivals

During February and March, Tenerife hosts a number of carnivals, which means that animated parades, people wearing colourful costumes and a general air of jubilation are regular occurrences.

Fabulous festivals

Spain is renowned for its festivals, and visitors to the Canary Islands can also partake in the sights and sounds that emanate from them. It shouldn't be difficult to encounter at least one festival during your stay – there are approximately 500 of them held every year!

Romería de San Sebastían

Every 20th January, a unique event takes place on Playa de la Enramada in Adeje. Hundreds of horses are brought to this part of the coastline for a swim in the sea – a tradition that celebrates the patron saint of ranchers, San Sebastían.

Catholic commemorations

Since Spain is a predominantly a Catholic country, its religious festivals are always very prominent throughout the mainland and its colonies.

For instance, the eighth Thursday following Easter is when the Feast of Corpus Christi takes place. On this day, there is much music-making and dancing, and many of Tenerife's streets and squares are carpeted with coloured sand and flowers.

Christmas and New Year

Just as so many of us do at home, the majority of Tenerife's citizens celebrate Christmas, with the 24th and 25th of December being referred to as Nochebuena and Navidad respectively. On the island, this holiday very much revolves around families gathering for a big traditional dinner. Midnight Mass is popular in this part of the world, too, and often follows an evening feast.

As in much of the UK, the celebratory mood continues through to the New Year, which is known as Nochevieja. Following a family mealtime gathering, it's not unusual for festivities to spill out onto the streets in the lead up the clock striking midnight. Music, dancing and firework displays are very much in evidence during this shift from the old year to the new one.

The dates for Tenerife's many festivities can to vary from year to year, so please check close to the time of your visit for specific details. And as part of your preparations, please don't hesitate to pre-book yourCosta Adeje Airport Transfers with us.