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Safety tips when travelling to Tenerife

The Canary Islands have long been a favoured destination of holidaymakers from far and wide, which is a testament to the safety qualities of this Spanish archipelago. In addition to booking your accommodation and flights, be sure to take advantage of our Tenerife airport transfers.

Medical matters

You'll be pleased to know it won't be necessary to have any vaccinations before your Tenerife excursion. However, if you do have any specific medical issues, make sure you consult your GP as much as six weeks before setting off.

Crime and the Canary Islands

Petty crime in Tenerife is really the only thing you need to be vigilant about, which means ensuring that money and/or credit cards are kept safely about your person. Make sure you know where your smartphone is at all times, too. If you have any valuables, keep them secure in a locker or safe. Tenerife police advise the use of common sense, which includes avoiding dimly lit areas, particularly if you find yourself on your own. It's worth bearing in mind, too, that Brits (and other nationalities) abroad often come to let their hair down and perhaps overindulge their alcohol intake. It's not a major issue in this part of the world and, in any case, there tends to be a solid police presence around the island's popular nightspots.

The sun – a friend and a foe

The sun, of course, is a marvellous thing. It brings warmth, promotes happiness and, frankly, it keeps us alive. However, too much exposure to strong sunlight is never a good thing. July, August and September in Tenerife can see highs of around 29°C so it's important to take the necessary precautions. Remember to remain hydrated, which means regularly drinking water throughout the day. It's always best to wear light-coloured, loose-fitting clothes and a hat, too – and don't forget to put on sunscreen, even if it's overcast.

Water awareness

The Canary Islands as a whole are purpose-built resorts, which means that beaches tend to be watched over by lifeguards. However, always keep a keen eye on your children, especially if they're paddling because the waves and currents can get quite strong in places.

Stay on the right track

As with most of the rest of continental Europe, vehicles travel on the right side of the road, which is certainly worth remembering if you intend to hire a car during your stay.

Essentially, keep your wits about you and you're sure to have a safe time – and don't forget to check out our airport transfers. We offer a wide range of options - all at great prices. From shared shuttle buses, to private cars, minibuses and even private coaches for large parties, we can get you to your resort efficiently and stress-free.