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Safety Tips When Travelling To Majorca

Rest assured, Majorca is a safe holiday destination but it's always wise to take precautions, no matter where you're travelling to.

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Petty crime

The main thing you'll need to be vigilant about during your Majorca stay is opportunistic criminality. As long as you keep an eye on any valuables that you bring with you, you shouldn't encounter any problems.

Watch out, there's a thief about

Always keep valuables (purses, wallets, smartphones, etc.) on your person at all times – ideally, somewhere that is out of sight. Be wary of claveleras, too – carnation-peddling ladies that approach unwary tourists with the intention of diverting their attention.

Rental-related crime

If you hire a car, avoid leaving any valuables in it. If you rent a bicycle, be sure to lock it up – and make sure you remove anything that can easily be taken by others. If at all possible, bring the bike with you into your accommodation for safekeeping.

Hot spots

The busier an area is, the more likely it is that theft will occur there, which means that visitors should be extra vigilant in popular resorts such as Palma and Magaluf.

I've been robbed…

If you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of theft, it's best to inform Cuerpo Nacional de Policía (the national police force). While it's unlikely that they'll be able to recover any missing items, they will be able to take a statement that will help make the insurance process smoother. You can contact the police online (type 'denuncias' into the search bar) or by phone (don't worry if you speak little or no Spanish).

Stay safe

Visitors to the island would be sensible to stay clear of its secluded, poorly lit parts – if you have a bad feeling about somewhere, trust your instincts. You can quickly learn about less-reputable areas of Majorca simply by chatting with the locals, many of whom speak good English.

Use basic common sense during your stay and you'll almost certainly have a fabulous, crime-free holiday. Don't forget, when you book your flights and accommodation, book our airport transfers, too.