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Rome Weather

When choosing a holiday destination one of the first things you consider is the weather. Rome does have a Mediterranean climate in the most part, but there are some elements of continentality. We've done some research into Rome's climate in the different seasons to help you choose when to go. Before you embark on your trip, remember to pre-book our airport transfers for a reliable shuttle service to your destination.


In the summer months Rome is hot and sunny and mainly dry, particularly in July and August. In the northern and eastern neighbourhoods there can be the occasional afternoon thunderstorm, as they are further from the sea. There can be a breeze that creeps in later in the day that lowers the heat, which is felt more in the southern and western neighbourhoods. This tends not to affect the densely populated city centre. On the hottest days temperatures in this area can reach 35 °C and even 38 °C for a few days.


This period tends to be mild and humid and streaks of sunny days are interrupted by cloudy and rainy days. As it gets closer to winter, rainier days become more frequent. Sometimes during the night intense thunderstorms can erupt. There are highs of around 23 °C at the start of the season. However, by the time you reach the end of November, the temperature drops significantly to 15 °C.


Winter is still relatively mild with the average temperature in January being 7.5 °C, and sunnier days reaching 15°C. However, at night temperatures can plummet drastically to a cold 0 °C. Snow is rare as cold periods are generally still sunny.


This season is usually mild yet rainy. At the start of Spring there are highs of 18 °C which are alternated with some cooler days. In the second half of April 20 °C days become more prevalent.

Depending on the sort of climate that is ideal for your holiday, Spring and the beginning of Autumn might be the best times to visit. In the summer months the weather is nice but can get very hot so if you struggle with heat you should avoid these months. Especially as this sort of trip usually involves a lot of walking in order to explore the historic center, high temperatures may be more problematic. Don't forget to pre-book our Rome airport transfers so you can get to A to B hassle-free.