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Tech, Product & Data

Our Technology, Product and Data team is the largest in our business, recognising the huge part they play in achieving our mission to Remake Holiday Making.

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Building the future of travel

We're constantly iterating on how we work, always adapting and learning from what we've done before whilst being empowered to experiment and try new solutions.

By joining our team, you're going to use your extraordinary talents to optimise the way people travel.

No matter your specialism - whether you're working on code, uncovering data or bringing our products to life - you're going to be directly maximising the time and fun that people have on holiday - the most precious time of all.

Matthew Pack, CEO

Meet our CEO and learn why you should choose a tech career with Holiday Extras.

Our tech stack

By using and developing pioneering technologies, we believe in providing value to our customers as fast as possible, deploying several hundreds times a day.

Our architecture consists of APIs structured as microservices hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.

  • Javascript / Typescript
  • React / React Router / Redux / Remix
  • CSS in JS styling with Styled Components/ Emotion
  • Storybook for UI components
  • Webpack / Vite / Parcel to bundle code
  • Babel to support modern JavaScript in old browsers
  • Selenium for end-to-end testing
  • ESLint / Prettier for code formatting
  • Mocha / Jest / React Testing Library for Unit Testing
  • Github Actions & Custom CI/CD Pipeline for automated tasks
  • Less / SASS / Bootstrap / Atomic design / BEM
  • NodeJS on the backend with Express
  • GraphQL and REST for APIs
  • Microservices hosted in Google Cloud using Kubernetes
  • MySQL for operational Database and GBQ for Data Lake
  • Python and Airflow for data processing

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