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Icy weather still brings travel disruption at airports

Snow and freezing temperatures continue to cause traffic chaos across Britain.

At Heathrow Passengers are advised to check the website to see the status of their flight. Heathrow is open and most flights will operate today but passengers are advised to check the live flight information board which shows the current status of each flight for the next 12 hours. If your flight status shows: 'Scheduled' - your flight is operating today. Please contact your airline to confirm your booking before leaving for the airport. 'Contact airline' - Your flight will not be operating today and you are advised to contact your airline for more information.

At Gatwick Airport, the runway is open and flights are operating. However, there are bound to be some delays and cancellations today as a consequence of snow across Northern Europe.

The general advice to air passengers is to check with your airline or airport before setting off.

As the snowy conditions ease over the UK ice remains a widespread threat throughout the Christmas break and travellers are urged to take the utmost care and prepare well for any journey. .

Travellers are encouraged to book comprehensive travel insurance with Holiday Extras for complete protection and peace of mind on their holiday.

December 23, 2010