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Passengers contribute to local causes

£500,000 raised in 10 years


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London Stansted Airport

Passengers passing through London Stansted Airport have been generously donating to local causes to such an extent that nearly half-a-million pounds has been raised in the past decade.

The Stansted Airport Passenger Community Fund (SAPCF) is boosted by donations from travellers passing through the terminal. The committee then decides which worthy cause to donate the funds to from hundreds of requests annually.

Robbie Barrigan, chair of the SAPCF committee, said: "We were concerned that donations might drop when the euro was introduced. But passengers have continued to be very generous, which makes a real difference to many local good causes.

"We make donations to groups within a 20-mile radius of the airport. We also support staff in their fundraising for national charities by giving them a fixed contribution of £150."

So next time you fly from London Stansted Airport, remember to give any unused foreign currency to a worthwhile cause. Also, remember to book great value airport parking with Holiday Extras.

August 6, 2009

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