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Edinburgh Airport's economic impact assessed

A study commissioned by Scottish Enterprise and BAA to assess the economic impact associated with Edinburgh Airport has revealed that the airport has the potential to boost Scotland's economy by £867 million annually.

Carried out by consultancy firm York Aviation, the study revealed a number key findings relating to the Edinburgh Airport Master Plan. Published in 2006, the plan sets out a framework for the airport's development until 2030. Among the study's findings are:

• Edinburgh Airport's Master Plan will help the airport support up to 16,040 jobs in Scotland by 2030.

• The Master Plan has the potential to boost Edinburgh Airport's contribution to Scotland's GVA to £867 million.

• As the international gateway to Scotland, investment in Edinburgh Airport's infrastructure is essential if Scotland is to meet its ambitions as a major tourism destination.

• The airport's relatively strong environmental position on noise and air quality indicate that economic benefits gained from development substantially outweigh the costs.

Linda McPherson, regional director of Scottish Enterprise, said: "The future growth of Edinburgh Airport is undoubtedly of considerable importance in the context of Edinburgh's position in the global economy. BAA's planned investment associated with the airport's Master Plan is directly linked, not only with the growth of Edinburgh's economy but with the future economic success of Scotland.

"Strong connectivity is a key driver of economic activity across a range of Scotland's key sectors and also often a deciding factor in many companies' location choice when considering investment decisions. Future growth of Edinburgh Airport will bring quantifiable social and economic benefits which far outweigh any associated development costs."

Gordon Dewar, managing director of Edinburgh Airport, commented: "This is the most comprehensive study that has ever been undertaken into the airport's current and potential future contribution to the Scottish economy. It confirms the airport's critical importance to Scotland and to the industries on which our success depends, such as tourism, financial services and bioscience.

"We are already seeing Edinburgh Airport buck the trend that has seen traffic decline at most other airports. This bodes well for the future and it is because of our confidence in that future that we have committed to a £200 million programme of investment in the airport over the next ten years, critically without the use of a single penny of taxpayers' money."

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September 2, 2009